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Adjustable Beds


Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

  • Sleep in the most ideal position for YOU - An adjustable bed allows for ergonomically correct positioning which allows for natural curvature of your spine during sleep. This can promote a healthy posture during sleep since an adjustable bed allows you to adjust the sleep surface to the angles that reduce strain on the heart and promote proper circulation.
  • Reduce Back Pain and Combat Restless Sleep - Sleeping on an adjustable bed allows you to sleep in a position that more closely matches the contours of your body, which means that you are able to keep your back flatter against the bed. Those who suffer from chronic back pain could see a significant benefit to sleeping on an adjustable bed since a standard bed may not provide the proper support for the spinal cord, which is the number one cause of back pain and restless sleep.
  • Improve Circulation - An adjustable bed allows you to adjust the sleep surface to the angels that reduce strain on the heart and it promotes proper circulation. In the event of poor circulation, the person can experience symptoms like dizziness or light-headedness when getting out of bed quickly. An adjustable bed offers an easy way to elevate your feet at the push of a button, which can prevent poor circulation, and makes it much easier to sleep comfortably.
  • Significant Health Benefits - An adjustable bed delivers a range of health benefits and provides great relief for people who suffer from heartburn, sleep apnea, arthritis, and many other chronic conditions. Many models offer you a simple way to reduce snoring by adding a button on the remote that elevates slowly elevates your partner to better align their airways, so they can breathe easier, and you can get back to sleeping soundly.

What can an Adjustable Bed do for You?

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    Ideal Comfort
    Adjustable Bases allow you to sleep in your most ideal position. Relieve stress on the heart, and the back by finding the ideal sleeping position for you! Experience a night’s sleep like you have never experienced before, on an adjustable bed.

  • wake up with no back pain

    Customized Support
    Everyone is different and unique in their particular comfort needs, and adjustable bed allows you to sleep, watch TV or read a book in the most comfortable position possible for YOU. Customize the bed to match the support needs of your neck and back.

  • wake up with no back pain

    Smart Technology
    Modern adjustable beds have a number of technological features built in for safety AND for comfort. Include luxury in your bedroom, like tablet control of your bed, back massage capabilities, and floor lights that turn on when you get out of bed.

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    Cater to your Lifetstyle
    Adjustable beds allow you to provide your back and heart with the most ideal support for you. Whether you are reading a book, watching TV, or working on a laptop, your adjustable bed will be there to provide the maximum amount of comfort for your lifestyle.



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