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Cozzia Massage Chairs

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older man relaxing in a cozzia 16027 massage chair

How long has Cozzia been around? Cozzia entered the US market in 2008. It is one of four brands of massage products sold by Ziamen in North Amercia, Europe and Asia.

What do Cozzia massage chairs offer? Cozzia is a leading manufacturer of robotic massage chairs that offer numerous massage functions for ultimate relaxation and comfort. A Cozzia massage chair will cradle your body, soothe tired muscles from head to toe, improve circulation, and provide you with an invigorating air pressure system your whole body will enjoy. Cozzia massage chairs made a name for themselves with their patented shiatsu massage technology that delivers a shiatsu massage that has few comparisons out there in similar prices ranges. All of their chairs offer shiatsu massage in addition to other styles, like kneading, rolling, tapping and many others.

Cozzia’s Spa Function features. Cozzia offers sophisticated body scanning technology, sleek and stylish padding, and seven massage styles that will make you feel as if you are getting a quality massage from one of the world’s best spas. You can enjoy an invigorating air massage in the seat, feet and calf areas, release tension in the middle and upper back, and adjust the speed, tension, and level of intensity of your massage experience. One touch to zero gravity positioning will put you in a relaxed position, decompress your spine, increase blood circulation, and provide you with superior comfort during your use of the chair.

The Cozzia Massage Chair Line-up