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What is 3D Massage Technology?

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3d massage roller technology

What is 3D Massage Technology? 3D massage technology provides your body with a precise and deep massage experience that is as real as a human’s touch. 3D massage technology allows the user to control the depth and level of intensity of a massage. 3D massage rollers can apply more pressure by pushing out or less pressure by moving backward. As the rollers rotate, they mimic the fine movements of a massage professional by making the massage rollers protrude from the backrest (up to 10cm) giving you access to a much more vigorous massage that can simulate massage techniques like acupressure, kneading, tapping, and shiatsu.

How 3D technology affects your massage. 3D massage technology will increase muscle elasticity and relaxation, nerve-muscle communication, and improve all parts of the body including the immune and nervous system. This unique 3D mechanism will move up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards, match the curvature of your back, and provide you with the most customized massage experience.

Different features that are built into the 3D massage technology. 3D massage technology simulates therapeutic touch of a professional massage and the mechanical hands offer an effective massage that can extend from the top cervical vertebrae to the lower lumber vertebrae. 3d technology allows you to extend our or protrude the massage