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What is the perfect remedy for those restless nights? The right pillow of course...

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A pillow is an important accessory that has an effect on the quality of your sleep. The right below will cradle you as you sleep, give you support and comfort, and promote a balanced temperatures. The right pillow can help you sleep more deeply, alleviate snoring and sleep apnea, and prevent airflow problems caused by a pillow that does not properly support your head.

A quality memory foam pillow that offers therapeutic support and a personalized level of comfort that accommodates to your shape of your head and neck. A memory foam pillow will give you premium support. Designed to conform to your contours so that you can sleep more soundly without tossing and turning, it will cradle your head and neck while relieving pressure points and provide you with a comfortable foundation. Composed of a Visco-elastic foam that not only provides you with the support you need to sleep through the night, but a cooling gel that mitigates heat to keep you cooler as you sleep. A memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant so it promotes a more hygienic place to rest.

For luxurious support, sleep in the ultra comfort of a hypoallergenic and durable Deluxe Fiber Filled pillow. Made from technologically advanced hypoallergenic, spiral cushion fibers for optimum support, it will evenly distribute weight for a more restful night’s sleep. If you’re in search of a sumptuous mix of feather and down, select a Deluxe Feather and Down Mix pillow. This classic pillow is engineered to retain soft, outstanding “fluff” ability and unparalleled support.

While there are many factors that contribute to getting a good night’s sleep, choosing the right mattress, proper lighting, the right temperature and comfortable bedding, but choosing the right pillow can help you get ultimate sleep, rejuvenate your body, and recharge your mind.

Newly arrived mattress toppers to enhance your sleep experience!

Enhance your mattress with the cooling comfort of a Mattress Topper. This revolutionary product will ensure that your mattress remains at the ideal sleep temperature and will help you get the most out of your sleep experience night after night. Designed to provide an extra bit of comfort, it is ideal for those seeking an improvement in their sleeping [...]

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New stylish collection of daybed fashions

Our Daybed collection features a full range of bedding coordinates including comforters, comforter sets, sheet sets, bedskirts and decorative pillows with distinctive designs and patterns. Bring a relaxing and tropical feel to your bedroom with a cool palm tree design. Create a rustic cabin look with a comforter set that features an evergreen background, a [...]

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New Stylish Collection of Daybeds

A daybed from our daybed collection will create the perfect functional accent to your décor. Whether used as a child’s bed, guest bed, or cozy reading spot, we offer daybeds that are perfect for any traditional or contemporary home, functional daybeds that are padded for comfort, and many that feature an additional sleeping space [...]

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New Videos now available on the Sealy Mattress Collection!

New Videos are now available for the entire Sealy Collection, Sealy Posturepedic, Sealy Gel series, Sealy Optimum, Sealy Optimum latex and the Hybrid series. Buying a mattress can be a huge task and we provide you with helpful information so that you can make well-informed decisions. 

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Sealy Optimum Mattress Collection

We spend a third of our lives every day in bed, so that time should be spent blissfully slumbering in a level of comfort that is perfect for you. Whether you prefer a firm mattress or favor a softer style, the Sealy Optimum Collection contains comfort materials that conform to the curves of your body, reduce pressure points that [...]

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New Kimlor Products on Sale!

We are proud to offer the premier home fashions of Kimlor Bedding. Your quest for innovative home fashions ends here with an array of unique comforter sets, comforters, window treatments, pillows, high thread count sheet sets, and daybed ensembles to choose from. Kimlor offers bedding designs that include rustic and safari themes, camouflage, floral patterns that feature a kaleidoscope of [...]

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Create the Right Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep.

To help ensure a good night’s sleep, make sure your bedroom is built to promote a healthy sleeping environment. Make sure your room is dark. Dim the lights an hour before bed to help your body prepare for sleep. The quality of your sleep is related to both outdoor and indoor light. Light is the major synchronizer of your “master clock”, [...]

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The Benefits of Organic Sheets

Choosing the right mattress is a key factor in getting a quality night’s sleep. Having quality linens to put on the mattress is equally as important. Organic sheets offer the benefit of being crisp, cool and comfortable. Made of 100% organic cotton with a sateen wave, a 618 thread count, and free of dyes and chemicals, they are soft, lustrous [...]

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New Tosh Outdoor Furniture

Tosh Outdoor Furniture We now carry a fine selection of Outdoor Furniture from Tosh. Discover a broad spectrum of elegant and sophisticated home furnishings, with classic traditional lines that are calming and smart. This collection is refined, timeless, contemporary, sleek and adaptable to any architecture. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor furniture display with furniture that [...]

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