Leggett & Platt Premier Adjustable Base USB Ports

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The new Leggett & Platt Premier series adjustable bases include a number convenient features to help you organize and power your life. One of such features in the inclusion of USB ports on the side of the base itself. The Premier P-132 includes a 4 port USB hub on both sides of the bed so you can easily and conveniently connect all of your devices and charge them within easy reach. The Premier P-232 adjustable base takes it a step further. Instead of a 4 port USB hub, it includes a 2 port hub with an 110V power outlet. This means you can charge your phone, your Fitbit, and your laptop all in one location without having to worry about if you have any outlets open close by or having to include a power strip for additional plugs. Easy, and convenient! Which is what Leggett & Platt strives for with its collection of adjustable bases.