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Synchrony Furniture Financing

Our financing process is fast and easy, Give us a call at 888.996.9890 to start the application over the phone and take advantage of our 0.00% interest for 36 months equal monthly payments on qualifying products!

Our Financing Process

  1. Choose your Qualifying Product
  2. Give us a Call at 888.346.3220 and Complete an Application
  3. Complete the Checkout Process Using the "Synchrony 0% Financing" Option

36 Months Equal Payments by Qualifying Products*

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Click on a brand below and see what your payments are for qualifying products!

*Minimum order for Synchrony financing is $500.

* 0% for 36 Months Financing is only applicable on products purchased at our Regular Selling Price. If we beat a competitors price (and they are not offering the 0% for 36 months) we will not apply the 0% for 36 months and beat their price. It’s only one or the other. If we give a “Best Price” over the phone we will not offer the 0% for 36 months either.

We will, however, offer our 0% Interest for 12 Months on “Price Matches” and over the phone “Best Prices.”

Promotional Discounts (Like our 5% off FaceBook Offer) Do Not Apply to 0% for 36 Months Sychrony Financing. We will offer 0% for 12 Months on Promotional Discounts.

Deals by Brand

  • Sealy 0% Financing
  • Leggett & Platt 0% Financing
  • Reverie Adjustable Base 0% Financing
  • Osaki 0% Financing
  • Infinity massage chairs 0% financing
  • Luraco 0% Financing
  • Apex Massage Chairs 0% Financing
  • Panasonic Massage Chairs 0% Financing
  • Titan Massage Chairs 0% Financing

Crest Financial offers no credit check financing of furniture

Fast, Easy and Secure Furniture Financing Options

Have a Question - Call us at 888.996.9890

We have partnered with Crest Financial to offer No Credit Needed financing. Get approved instantly for up to $5,000.

How does Crest Financial work?

Click below to fill out an application. You will receive an approval decision in minutes. 75% of applicants are approved instantly. If more information is needed, we will notify you. 90% of customers are ultimately approved. It’s simple and easy. We will then call or email you with the next steps for to order and deliver your furniture.

Quick and Easy Approvals with No Credit Needed

Apply from home for up to $5,000 in financing. 75% of applicants are approved instantly and with a little more information as many as 90 percent of applicants are approved. For $40 down you can have your furniture delivered fast with In-home Layaway®. Use the 90 day buyout option and only pay the sale price plus the $40 down.

Only $40 Down when You Apply!

* Financing is AVAILABLE to qualified residents throughout the U.S. (*excluding NJ, VT, WI & MN).

  • APPLY FROM HOME - Click the link below and apply online to get approved for up to $5000. 90 Days same as Cash!
  • SIGN FROM HOME- Upon approval Crest Financial allows you to e-sign all the documents for the financing, allowing you to do so within the comfort of your own home!
  • FAST IN-HOME DELIVERY- After your approved, You pay the $40 application fee and you can have your furniture delivered to you fast. We offer free shipping on all orders!

Apply for furniture financing today!

*Minimum order for financing is $300.Promotional discounts (like our 5% off facebook offer) do not apply to financing customers.


The advertised transaction is a lease-purchase agreement. Customer does not acquire ownership of the property unless total amount of payments is paid or the early purchase option is exercised. Ownership is optional. Not available in WI, MN, VT, NJ, Puerto Rico, outside the United States, or where prohibited by law. *If not auto-approved, additional documents may be required.