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Infinity Evoke Massage Chair (Open Box Special)

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    Infinity Evoke Massage Chair

    The Infinity Evoke massage chair features a host of new innovations from popular massage chair manufacturer Infinity massage chairs. some of these features include a more comprehensive foot massage, heel rubber to address certain foot pain issues, and a redesigned back massage designed to penetrate deep into your muscles to provide your body the maximum amount of relief possible. Let's take a look at some of the features so you can decide if the Evoke massage chair is the right one for you.

    Zero Gravity

    Zero gravity is important to any massage experience. This position reclines you back and raises your legs to the level of your heart so that your joints and spine are relieved of some of the influence of gravity. This allows your joints and spine to decompress and relax, as well as the muscles surrounding them. This creates a whole body sense of relaxing that ensures that you get the maximum amount of relaxation possible.

    S-Shaped Massage Track

    The Infinity Evoke massage chair features an S-Shaped massage track on a slide rail that conforms more easily to the curvature of your spine. This ensures that your massage is both deep and uniform across your entire back. This is especially true in the lower back and upper shoulder area.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    The new back massage roller is designed to provide a quality deep tissue massage so that you get deep and long lasting relief. Use the remote to make any manual changes to your massage that suit your preferences and enjoy a perfectly personalized massage experience.

    Space-Saving Technology

    Space saving technology is an important inclusion in any massage chair for those who are short on space. This technology slides the base of the massage chair forward while it reclines in an effort to minimize the total space needed behind the chair to fully recline.

    38 Airbag Compression Massage System

    38 airbags have been placed throughout the Infinity Evoke massage chair which are designed to provide a comfortable full body massage experience that you will never forget. As you are receiving your back massage the airbags inflate and squeeze your limbs in an effort to improve circulation and relieve tension in your muscles.

    Lumbar Heat

    The lumbar region of the backrest includes two heating elements that provide a gentle heat therapy to your lower back and the large muscle groups throughout your back. The result of this is your back muscles loosen up and can receive a much deeper benefit from your back massage.

    Foot Massage Rollers

    The Infinity Evoke massage chair features one of the most comprehensive foot massages in the industry at the time of this writing. The new foot massage rollers reach from heel to toe and cover the entire surface of the sole of your foot targeting acupoints and improving your overall sense of well-being.

    Heel Rubber

    The foot massage also includes Heel rubber, which is designed to keep your foot in the correct place, while soothing heel pain and helping those who suffer from plantar fascitis.

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  • Other Details

    Chair Color: Black;Chair Color=Brown"
    Massage Roller: 2D
    Massage Track Type: S-Track
    Features: Zero Gravity
    Features: Space Saver
    Features: Foot Massage Rollers
    Features: Heated

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