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Infinity IT-8100 Massage Chair

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Infinity IT-8100 Massage Chair

IT-8100 User Manual [pdf]

Like all of Infinity’s massage chairs, the IT-8100 is designed to create your own personal world of relaxation by catering everything it does to your personal preferences and allowing you to save them to reuse at a later date. As you will see below, the features combine to create a full body massage experience that you can tailor to your preferences and return to it whenever you like at the push of a button. Take a look below and see for yourself.

Body Scanning Technology

When you sit down and choose a massage program, the massage chair starts each routine by gliding the massage rollers up your back to map your unique height and shape. This allows the Infinity IT-8100 to cater every massage experience to each and every user, with every use.

MP3 Music System with Headphone Jack

Receive your massage to the beat of your favorite playlist with the included MP3 functionality! With this feature you are able to hook up your favorite MP3 Player and a comfortable set of headphones and relax.

6-Roller Massage Mechanism

The massage head for the Infinity IT-8100 features a 6 roller mechanism that you are not going to find everywhere else. Most massage chairs have a 4 roller massage mechanism. With the additional two rollers this massage chair is capable of massage techniques (like Wavelet) that other massage chairs won’t be able to do with a 4-roller mechanism.

Massage Techniques

The IT-8100 comes with 5 pre-programmed massage techniques. The most noteworthy being “Wavelet” which is unique to this massage chair and features a relaxing combination of synchronized tapping and kneading, that is only possible thanks to its unique massage roller design. The full list of massage techniques includes:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Pummel
  • Wavelet
  • Shiatsu

Each technique is easily adjusted from the Remote. There are 5 levels of adjustment for many different aspects including, speed, strength, intensity, and width.

6 Pre-Set Massage Programs

6 Pre-set massage programs allow you to get your massage experience started with the push of a button. Each program focuses on something different so you have a wide range of choices available to you depending on your needs each day. These programs are:

  • Extend
  • Relax
  • Recovery
  • Refresh
  • Upper Back Auto
  • Lower Back Auto

Seat Vibration Massage

Vibration massage has been proven to be a beneficial asset to your massage as it is able to reverberate through your muscles all the way down to the bone in an effort to loosen up those tight muscles deep down. This helps improve your overall relaxation experience, and improves the deep down sense of relief you expect from a massage.

Lumbar Heat

Two heating pads placed in the lower back provide soothing heat therapy to the large muscle groups in your lower back and hips. Heat helps loosen up tight muscles in the lower back to help improve the massage in this area.

Memory Program Setting

This is a feature that you won’t find on many massage chairs. With the memory program settings you can save your favorite massage routine and any adjustments for a later use with the push of a button! This saves you from having to reset any manual adjustments you make with each use and keeps your preferences in mind, and waiting for you for whenever you choose to use them!

Air Compression Massage System

28 airbags strategically placed throughout the massage chair extend your massage to a full body experience by targeting areas like the head, neck, arms, hip, seat, calves and feet. In addition to improving circulation in these areas, you also receive the added benefit of an improved back, and foot massage. The airbags in the seat and footrest area squeeze your lower back and feet onto the rollers which provides a more vigorous massage.

Massage Rollers for your Feet

Reflexology massage rollers have been built into the sole of the foot rest to provide a relaxing foot massage. These rollers target accupoints on the soles of your feet to provide an improved sense of well-being across your whole body. Plus who doesn’t love a good foot massage after a long day of standing on them?

Extendable Footrest

The foot rest of the Infinity IT-8100 is designed to be extendable to more easily accommodate taller users, or those who would be more comfortable being able to stretch their legs out a bit more. This extension is designed to keep the airbags in specific places so that your air compression massage in your legs is not wasted.


Download Infinity IT-8100 Massage Chair User Manual.
The Infinity IT-8100 comes with a Infinity Massage Chair Warranty

Other Details

Suggested User Height:
5'0" - 6'5"
Recommended Max User Weight:
335 lbs
Roller Stroke Length:
# of airbags:
# of motors:
Attached LCD Display Remote
Timer Specifications:
5/15/20 minutes
Chair Weight:
229 lbs
Dimensions (upright):
59" L x 36" W x 46" H
Dimensions (reclined):
74" L x 36" W x 37" H
Made In:
Requires Assembly:
Shipping Dimensions:
2 Boxes on a pallete - 37" L x 50" H x 40" W
Shipping Weight:
Total - 310 lbs

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