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Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

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Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

Create a new world of relaxation with the Iyashi massage chair. Experience the extra-long massage track that reaches all the way down to your upper thigh and see how the Iyashi has earned its nickname of “The New World of Massage” . The cutting edge design of this massage chair is leaps and bounds ahead of its time, giving you control from your mobile device and the ability to sync your back massage with your favorite playlist by using the innovative synchronic massage mode. 

Bluetooth Technology

Built in Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to your mobile device and control the functions of the massage chair from your android or iOS device. This is the first massage chair of its kind to provide you with this level of personalized functionality.

Innovative iOS and Android Apps to Control the Massage Chair

infinity iyashi mobile app control

Most massage chairs provide you with a simple remote to control the functions of the massage chair. The Iyashi provides you with a mobile app that connects to the chair via Bluetooth and lets you play music from your phone, as well as control all of the functions of the massage chair from the mobile app.

Synchronic Massage Mode

Thanks to the built in Bluetooth technology the Iyashi allows you to sync your back massage to the beat of your favorite playlist. Enjoy a truly unique massage experience as you relax into the music and forget about all the stress in your life for a few minutes. Many massage chairs offer a music sync option that syncs a vibration massage to your music. Iyashi is the first one to sync the back massage rollers to your music.

Intersound Technology

The built in speaker system focuses all the sound into the seat of the massage chair so your music is focused toward you and not out into the room, this goes a long way to help create your own relaxing world. Listen to your favorite playlist while receiving your massage so you can find true relaxation.

Manual Massage Strengths Adjustments

Utilizing your mobile device, you can make adjustments to your massage including width, speed, intensity, strength and style. Fine tune your massage experience to fit your preferences perfectly. With the Infinity Iyashi you no longer have to settle for what the massage chair offers, you can get exactly what you want.

Longest massage stroke length of 49”

massage roller mechanism of the Infintiy Iyashi

The Infinity Iyashi massage chair comes equipped with one of the longest massage roller strokes in the industry. Reaching all the way down to the upper thigh, you get the luxury of a kneading style massage all the down to your upper thigh, which provides more deep tissue relaxation.

Two Zero Gravity Positions

Zero Gravity was first introduced by NASA many years ago, and has become a perfect incorporation into a massage chair, the zero gravity position helps you improve your back massage while removing gravities influence on your joints and spine so that you can more deeply relax. The Iyashi massage chair offers a two stage zero gravity. As you press the zero gravity position button you are reclined back into a position where your legs are above your heart, and the majority of your body weight is focused on the back rest. Having the majority of your weight focused on the backrest has a number of great benefits. It allows the massage rollers to reach deeper into the muscle tissue to provide a deeper sense of relief, all while not having to work any harder.

Spinal Correction Function

The spinal correction feature utilizes the back roller and hip area airbags in a synchronized way to help twist and stretch your back to loosen up muscles and relieve any nagging aches and pains along your spine. This is a great way to take care of those morning back aches.

38 High Quality Airbags

The air pressure massage is one method that the Iyashi massage chair uses to expand your massage to a full body experience. 38 high quality airbags are strategically placed throughout the massage chair which work together and in combination with the back massage roller to improve your massage and provide you with a full body massage experience. These airbags also facilitate the twisting motions that stretch muscles in the back and side to help you achieve a level of full body relief like you have never experienced before.

Airbags Massage Areas

  • Arms & Shoulders
  • Pillow & Neck
  • Seat & Hips
  • Leg & Feet 

Waist Twist

The high quality airbags inflate in sequence to help provide you with a twist stretch to your waist area that helps you relieve those hard to reach muscles in your upper thigh and lower back.

Accu-roll shoulder massage

The accu-roll shoulder massage allows the Iyashi to provide a quality and uniform massage across your whole upper body and shoulder area. Smarter technology detects exactly where your shoulders and neck are so your massage is more targeted to your unique size and shape.

Lumbar Heating

Heat therapy is a great way to loosen up the large muscle groups so that you get the most of your massage. Large heating pads in the lumbar area provide relaxing heat to your back and side muscles.

Massage Rollers in the Soles of your Feet

Foot Massage Rollers in the Infinity Iyashi

Reflexology massage rollers are built into soles of the feet and provide a shiatsu massage to the soles of your feet.  Airbags int he foot area help increase the ebenfit of these rollers by inflating on top of your feet and pressing them down onto the massage rollers. If you are not a fan of foot massages don't worry, you can easily turn off the foot massage from the massage app screen.

1 Year Labor – 3 Years Parts Warranty( Included with Purchase)

Infinite Therapeutics stands behind their Infinity line of massage chairs with a limited warranty. The first year you are provided with full in-home service of your massage chair. The next two years cover parts within your massage chair.

Extended Warranty – 3 Years Total In-Home Service -$179

This is a 3 year warranty providing full in home service of your massage chair including parts and labor. If something goes wrong with your massage chair, you’re covered and can have it fixed in your home!

Extended Warranty – 5 Years Total In-Home Service - $239 –BEST VALUE

This is a 5 year warranty providing full in home service of your massage chair including parts and labor. Protect your investment for longer with a full 5 years of full in home service.

Other Details

Suggested User Height:
Recommended Max User Weight:
300 lbs
Roller Stroke Length:
49" (reaches all the way down to the upper thigh)
# of Motors:
# of Airbags:
Timer Settings:
10/20/30/45 minutes
Chair Weight:
285 lbs
Simple Panel remote, or YOUR iOS/Android Device when combined with mobile application
Dimensions (upright):
60" L x 33" W x 45" H
Dimensions (reclined):
72"L x 33" W x 34" H
Made In:
Requires Assembly:

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  1. Amazing Chair!

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    I tried out a bunch of massage chairs and this one, not only provides a better massage, but was also CHEAPER AND had more features. LOVE IT! Thanks Bedplanet!

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