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Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair

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  • Product Description

    The Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage chair is the latest release in their new line up of massage chair that are designed and manufactured in Japan. If you are looking for massage solution that addresses your entire body from neck to toes, this massage chair has the features you are looking for. Some of these features include a sensor optimized 3D massage roller with an industry leading 12.5 cm in depth adjustment, as well as heat therapy in the shoulder blade and a smart airbag system that does much more than just squeeze your muscles. Learn more about the features below and see if this massage chair is for you.

    Increased Depth 3D Massage Roller

    This massage chair features a new sensor optimized 3D massage roller that can protrude from the track an addition 12.5cm which (at the time of this writing) is the furthest in the industry. This extra protrusion allows the massage roller to dig deeply into your muscles tissue and relieve deep down stress for a much deeper and healthful massage experience.

    Improved Massage Strength Adjustment

    With the extra protrusion from the track comes extra levels of depth control to ensure that you get the perfect massage intensity for you and your body. The 4.0 Japan massage chair gives you 9 levels of adjustability instead of the typical 3 or 5. This ensures that your massage doesn't get too strong with the longer protrusion and gives you complete control over another aspect of your massage.

    Smarter Body Scanning Technology

    The JP Premium 4.0 massage chair has an intricate body scanning system that is able to detect additional features on your back such as your shoulder blades. This helps the chair focus the massage roller in areas that you hold stress instead of bony areas of your back.

    Shoulder Blade Heating & Heated Foot Massage

    Most massage chairs provide heat therapy to the lumbar area, this massage chair provides heat to the shoulder blade area where most people hold a lot of stress. There is also heat in the footrest to ensure your feet get the same treatment as your back. This also allows you to enjoy your massage a little more comfortably without getting cold

    Triple Mode Airbag Massage

    The airbag massage system within the JP Premium 4.0 massage chair does more than just squeeze your limbs, the airbags have three modes that provide three different types of relief to your body.

    Unique Arm Massage

    Since the Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Japan massage chair has been designed in Japan it features many of the latest innovations in home massage chair technology. The arm massage is hidden in the top portion of the base and keeps your arms in a comfortable ergonomic position that exposes the most surface area to the air bags.

    Waist & Pelvic Massage

    Airbags in the waist and pelvis area help to promote circulation through your core and act as an important part of all of the stretching programs that this massage chair provides.

    Shoulder Massage

    Airbags in the shoulder area inflate and squeeze your shoulders together and push them into the backrest so the massage roller can provide targeted relief to the muscles between your shoulder blade and spine.

    Leg, Calf & Foot Massage

    The airbags in the legrest have been redesigned to accurately target your calf muscles through gradual increase of the air pressure. This grabs the calf muscle and squeezes it to workout knots within the muscle. This design is an improvement over the classic left and right side airbags that compress your leg.

    Slim, Easy to Use Remote

    The Osaki JP Premium 4.0 massage chair uses a slim remote with an intuitive layout that allows you to choose your massage and make quick adjustments so you can get back to relaxing and enjoying your massage much more quickly.

    New Kneading Technique

    The new massage roller uses a sensor to optimize the kneading massage technique to provide maximum relief, and make full use of the 3d extension.

    12 Massage Programs

    The remote allows you to choose from 12 massage programs that provide deep relief to your body from your neck all the way down to your toes. Each of the programs makes use of the advanced features including the 3D protrusion and stretching techniques.

    New Stretch Massage Programs for Neck, Waist & Back

    The airbag system throughout the massage chair inflates to keep you in place and help stretch parts of your body that can't be reached by the back massage roller. Stretch programs help to loosen up muscles in your waist neck and parts of your back.

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  • Warranty Information

    Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair Warranty Information

    The Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair comes with Osaki’s 3 year “Rock Solid” Limited Warranty. Parts and Labor for your massage chair will be covered at no cost to you. During the second year, parts and the structural framework are covered, and during the third year the structural framework is covered.

    5 Year Total In Home Service Warranty $239 – BEST VALUE

    When you add this extended warranty option, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 5 years. It is truly the best value and the best way to protect your investment in your new massage chair. Just like the three year warranty, a technician will come to your home and address any issues with your massage chair right in your home instead of you having to bring your massage chair to a repair facility!

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  • Other Details

    Suggested User Height: 5'0" - 6'3"
    Recommended Max User Weight: 285 lbs
    Made In: Japan
    Massage Track Type: S-Track
    Massage Track Length: 30"
    Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
    Total # of Airbags: 36
    Rated Voltage: 110-120V
    Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Rated Power: 130W
    Dimensions (Upright): 30"W x 46.4"L x 48"H
    Dimensions (Reclined): 34.6"W x 78.7"L x 27.6"H
    Auto Timer: 5-15 minutes
    Chair Color: Black
    Chair Color: Brown
    Chair Color: Cream
    Massage Roller: 2D
    Massage Track Type: S-Track
    Features: Heated
    Made In: Japan

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