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Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent Massage Chair (Open Box Special)

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  • Product Description

    This is a gently used floor model that is in our showroom right now.

    Feature List

    Hide Away Ottoman System

    innovative hideaway massage system for the Osaki Intelligent

    The ottoman of this massage chair features an innovative hideaway system that adds a couple of dynamic uses to this massage chair. First when you are finished with your massage or the chair is just not in use; you can fold the foot rest up into the ottoman and hide it from your guests, making the Intelligent massage chair pose as a normal recliner.

    The foot rollers in the sole of the footrest provide the second innovation. Some people don’t like a foot roller massage, it can be uncomfortable if you are unaccustomed to it or just don’t like foot massages. However, with the fold-away system you are able to fold the footrest into the leg rest and utilize those foot rollers on your calves instead of your feet. Get a shiatsu massage on your calves instead of the standard air compression. With this new system, you have even more options to customize your massage!

    6 Massage Styles

    There are 6 massage styles that this massage chair provides:

    • Tapping – High Frequency percussive style massage, that is adept at loosening up tight muscles and increasing relaxation.
    • Knocking – A deep pound low frequency massage that helps reach deeper tissue.
    • Rolling – Vertical motions along either side of the spine that help relax muscles directly adjacent to the spine. This massage style is a great preparation for a deeper tissue massage.
    • Grabbing – In and out style massage
    • Kneading – Foll range of motion that uses circular motions to reach those deeper aches and pains in your back.
    • Shiatsu – Tighter circular motions in a concentrated area used to break up groups of tense muscles and improve circulation.

    3D Massage Technology

    3D Massage capability of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent

    The massage rollers of the Osaki Intelligent massage chair are outfitted with 3D technology allowing them to protrude from the backrest up to 70mm. This allows the massage chair to reach muscle groups that would have previously gone untouched and allows the deep tissue massage to go deeper, providing you with a more beneficial massage.

    The level of 3D massage is adjustable to accommodate users of different preferences. 5 different adjustment levels allow you to find the correct depth for your preferences, so you can get your massage catered to you in every way.

    Cloud Airbag Massage System

    Multi-layer wrapping airbags are thoughtfully positioned throughout the chair to massage key areas such as the hips, thighs, calves, feet, arms, neck and lumbar. Multiple layers ensure that your airbag massage is more durable and reliable relieving you of any worries of leaks or punctures. There are 43 airbags throughout the massage chair that provide you with an air compression massage that stimulates circulation and melts away muscle fatigue.

    Foot and Calf Roller Massage

    Lining the bottom of each footrest is a reflexology foot roller that will massage the sole of your foot and provide an excellent relaxing massage in the area. The airbag system works well with the foot massage rollers by inflating and pressing your foot down on them, so you get a deeper massage.

    foot and calf massage rollers for the Osaki Intelligent

    Not a fan of deep foot massages? It's okay, Osaki thought of that. The footrest can fold into the leg rest, and still allow you to receive a benefit from the foot rollers in the form of a shiatsu massage on your calves. If you are a person that enjoys a good foot massage, the rollers within the foot rest are designed to stimulate acupoints on the soles of your feet which will be an incredible help in relaxing your feet after a long day at work.

    Computer Body Scan

    Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent Body Scanning

    With every use, the massage chair will scan your back and map your height and unique body shape so every user gets a personalized massage with every use. When you sit down and choose a massage program the chair immediately reclines and you will feel the rollers scan up your back to find out how tall you are. Computer Body Scanning allows the massage chair to personalize your massage to your specific shape and height.

    Easy To Use Remote

    Easy to use remote for the Osaki Intelligent

    The remote for the Osaki Intelligent Model is a large VFD screen that displays what function are being used, and exactly what is going on with your massage chair at all times. Featured in the back of the big remote is a smaller wireless remote that allows you to easily use some of the basic functions of the chair while reclined all the way back in the seat without having to stretch too far to reach the main remote.

    The remote also gives you access to manual mode. Focus your massage on any particular part of your back and adjust everything from speed and intensity to 3D depth and massage style. This is a great way to massage out any nagging aches and pains that need a little extra attention.

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  • Other Details

    Chair Color: Black
    Massage Roller: 3D
    Massage Track Type: L-Track
    Made In: China

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