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Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent Massage Chair

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Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent Massage Chair

Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent Manual [pdf]

The Osaki OS-3d Pro Intelligent massage chair introduced several new innovations to the home massage market, such as the hide away systems! The arms and ottoman fold up and hide to make this massage chair look like a normal recliner which can easily be placed with other furniture. When you’re ready for a massage, unfold the ottoman and raise the arm massagers, turn it on and relax! These innovations solve the major complaint that massage chair manufacturers have received over the years that they don’t look like normal furniture and look out of place and ugly with the arm massagers and leg air massagers. If you feel the same way, Thia is the massage chair for you.

Not only will you get a beautiful chair that blends well with classic furniture, you will also get the home luxury of a state of the art massage waiting for you at the end of a long day, for when you wake up, or for when the mood strikes you anytime in between! The Osaki Intelligent combines 6 unique styles of massage with pre-set programs and 3D massage technology to deliver a thorough and relaxing massage with every use, and a targeted manual massage whenever you need it.

Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent’s - Advanced Features

Computer Body Scan

Computer body scanning creates a personalized massage

The Osaki Intelligent utilizes the latest in 3D technology that allows your massage to target places that massage chairs typically couldn’t reach with any sort of regularity. Now thanks to the 3D body mapping and S-track technology the Osaki Intelligent can focus the rollers on areas like the neck and lumbar with consistent pressure that is customized to your unique physique.

With this technology the intelligent massage chair can delivery a truly customized massage to every user every time and provide the same level of quality no matter your height or size. (up to 6’4”).

Unique Hide Away System

Unique hide away arm and leg massagers

To improve the style and aesthetic appeal of this massage chair, Osaki has engineered innovative hide away arms and leg ottoman so that when the Intelligent is not in use, it looks like a typical comfortable recliner. No other massage chair on the market features anything like this making the Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent massage chair, one of a kind in the industry.

6 Massage Styles

The Osaki Intelligent has 6 different massage styles that you will experience in its pre-set programs. In manual mode you can choose them individually and really experience the differences to see which you like the most.

  • Tapping- A tapping massage features a high frequency percussion style massage.
  • Knocking – A knocking massage features a lower frequency deep pound, ideal for those deeper knots and aches.
  • Rolling – A rolling massage utilizes longer vertical motions along the spine, really focusing on the muscles that are on either side of the spine.
  • Grabbing – A grabbing massage is an in and out style massage that works the smaller knots out of your muscles all along your back.
  • Kneading – A kneading massage features circular motions in the massage using the full range of motion of the roller, this is the most comparable to how many spouse might massage your back.
  • Shiatsu – A Shiatsu massage employs tighter circular motions in concentrated areas to really work out tight muscles and relieve stress.

3D Massage Technology

3d Massage Technology in the OS-3d Pro Intelligent Roller

The OS-3D Pro Intelligent is one of only a few within the Osaki Pro series that feature the 3D roller technology, since it’s so new to the home massage market. These rollers allow the massage heads to protrude from track about 8cm to give a deeper tissue massage, as well as consistent pressure in some of the harder to reach areas along your back, like the neck and lower back.

When you combine these newer high tech rollers with the body scanning technology you get a truly customized massage for every user, every time, regardless of their size or shape.

Cloud Airbag Massage System

cloud airbag locations throughout the massage chair

A total of 43 airbags make up the Cloud airbag system in the Osaki Intelligent massage chair, and are placed throughout the chair to deliver an air compression massage to parts of your body like the arms, legs, shoulders, and hips that turn this massage chair into a full body massage chair.

The airbags are multi-layered and thoughtfully placed to ensure durability, uniform inflation, and to prevent punctures or leaks. The Intelligent can inflate the airbags independently to provide a stretch and twist massage to go along with your back massage.

Airbag Locations

  • Arm Airbag – 16pcs
  • Seat Airbag – 3pcs
  • Leg Airbag – 12pcs
  • Foot Airbag – 12pcs

Foot and Calf Roller Massage

Innovative calf roller masasge rotatable ottoman

This is another Osaki Intelligent massage chair exclusive. The foot rests at the bottom of the ottoman have powerful spinning massage rollers that provide a strong and stress relieving massage to the bridge of your foot. Airbags in the foot rest utilize the air compression to gently push your foot down on to the roller enhancing the benefit. What about those who aren’t fans of getting their feet massaged? Fear not! Unique to the OS-3D Pro Intelligent is the new innovative spin on the foot massage! Fold the foot massager portion of the ottoman onto where your calves would normally rest, and place your legs on top to take full advantage of the foot massage rollers, ON YOUR CALVES! This innovative two in one system allows you to turn your foot massager into a calf massager.

The Osaki Intelligent massage chair is specifically engineered to be stylish, innovative, and most importantly to delivery a quality massage with every use, and does a fine job of addressing massage chair users preferences no matter how varied they are.

Easy to Use Remote

Easy to use remote on the OS-3D Pro Intelligent massage chair

The remote on the Intelligent massage chair is equipped with a large VFD screen that displays what functions are being used, the time remaining in your massage, as well as speed and intensity levels. There are 4 pre-set programs that each focus on different massage styles and frequency. There are also buttons to control the raising of the ottoman and backrest either together or separately.

Manual Mode

 Manual mode options are beneath the small flip-down panel at the bottom of the remote, and they allow you to choose any of the available styles, and locations for massage up to and including the intensity, speed and width.

Wireless Remote Option 

On the back of the remote you will find a compact wireless remote that will allow you to control the main features of the Osaki Intelligent without having to struggle to reach the main remote in the reclined position.

Remote Control Stand 

A convenient metal arm is holds the remote in an easy to reach location, and allows it to swivel 360 degrees. The remote is removable by simply lifting up.

Built in Voice Tutorial 

The Osaki Intelligent is programmed with a voice tutorial to guide you through use of the different features and how its doing your massage as it progresses. When you get to the point where you don't need the voice tutorial anymore, you can turn it off by simply pressing the button on the remote.

Automatic Recline and Leg Ottoman

 The Osaki Intelligent massage chair allows you to recline the backrest and raise the ottoman at the same time or independently by using the button on the bottom left of the remote.

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent Massage Chair comes with Osaki’s 3 year “Rock Solid” Limited Warranty. Parts and Labor for your massage chair will be covered at no cost to you. During the second year, parts and the structural framework are covered, and during the third year the structural framework is covered.

3 year Total In Home Service Warranty $179

With the addition of this extended warranty, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 3 years. Should anything go wrong with it, a technician will come to your house to address any issues with your massage chair! You don’t have to carry it to the shop!

5 Year Total In Home Service Warranty $239 – BEST VALUE

When you add this extended warranty option, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 5 years. It is truly the best value and the best way to protect your investment in your new massage chair. Just like the three year warranty, a technician will come to your home and address any issues with your massage chair right in your home instead of you having to bring your massage chair to a repair facility!

Other Details

Recommended User Height:
5'2" - 6'4"
Max User Weight:
265 lbs
Chair Weight:
216 lbs
Power Consumption:
50/60 Hz
Shipping Dimensions:
47" x 33" x 33"
Shipping Weight:
240 lbs

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