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Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

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Special Price:
$2,695.00 (You save $800.00)
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  • No Sales Tax (NV Excluded)
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Osaki Best Seller - OS-4000 Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair is by far one of Osaki's best sellers! With many of the features of the higher end models at a much more affordable price, its not hard to see why. Available in 4 different color variations, the OS-4000 has a feature set that is easily comparable to massage chairs twice its price, making it very easy to see why it sells so popular!

Right now during our Osaki Promotional event you get $200 off instantly just for adding this massage chair to your cart! It’s as simple as that! You also get a great warranty from the manufacturer. Osaki’s 3 year “Rock Solid” Warranty, click the warranty tab for more information!

The Osaki OS-4000 features quite a few of the newest innovations that have been added to massage chairs, like Zero Gravity, S-track massage rollers, and body scanning technology so every user gets a personalized massage, every time. Check out some of the advanced features below and see if this is the right chair for you!

Advanced Features

Zero Gravity Design

The OS-4000 massage chair is capable of zero gravity positioning. Introduced by NASA a couple of decades ago, the zero gravity position is a great addition to modern massage chairs, because it takes all stress off the spine and joints, and helps you relax with the weightless feeling it provides when your massage starts. Having all of your weight focused on the backrest of the massage chair also makes the massage rollers work more efficiently on your back improving the benefit your receive from your massage!

Zero Gravity also has several other benefits when incorporated into a massage chair:

  • Helps relieve back pressure by removing all the stress of gravity.
  • Helps reduction of muscle tension
  • Helps Correct Spinal Alignment
  • Helps expand lung capacity
  • Helps decrease stress on your heart.

Truly Ergonomic S-track with Movable Intelligent Massage Robots

The massage track is an ergonomic S-track that was designed with the curvature of the human spine in mind, which improves your massage chair in a couple of ways. First, when sitting in the chair, the backrest will provide adequate support for your entire back and neck, because it was designed with the same shape! Traditional massage chairs were designed with a straight track, that tends to lack support in these areas. The S-track also allows the massage rollers to apply more uniform pressure to your massage, so you will receive the same amount of pressure in your lower back massage as you will in your shoulder massage, a luxury that is not available in a straight track massage chair.

6 Unique Auto Programs

The OS-4000 is pre-programmed with 6 unique massage programs, including; Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation, and Demo. Each pre-set program focuses more on one of the different massage styles built in to the chair, so you can get a better feel for while massage program will benefit your most. The Demo program is a shorter program that lets you experience all of the different massage styles within one massage so you can learn which you prefer and which don’t really work for you. It’s a very easy way to see if the OS-4000 is the massage chair for you.

Automatic Massage of the Upper Body

All of the programs automatically massage the upper body including the neck, back and lumbar area, and include an air compression massage in the buttock, thigh, calves, and feet.

Comprehensive Human Hand-like Massage Roller

The Osaki OS-4000 uses twin rollers that are designed to mimic the feel of the human thumb, making your massage experience feel more like its being administered by a real human. This intelligent roller has several adjustment capabilities built in, like, width, intensity, strength, and speed. These massage rollers allow you to personalize your massage to fit your preferences perfectly.

Automatic Body Scanning Technology

The OS-4000 automatically scans your back when you first sit down. This allows the massage chair to map your unique size and shape so it knows exactly where to massage! Having a massage chair map the user with every use ensures a quality massage, catered to each users unique size and shape, every time.

Manual Massage Options

This massage chair provides manual modes of massage with three different settings: Full body, partial, and fixed. This is a great feature if you want your massage to focus on a specific part of your body instead of providing the full massage experience. Manual modes also allow you to choose the massage style the chair uses. This massage chair has six massage styles available, including:

  • Rolling – This is a longer stroke that focuses on the muscles immediately next to the spine and helps prepare the rest of your back for your massage.
  • Kneading – Medium length massage strokes that stretch and lift the muscle in an effort to relieve knots and sooth the muscle.
  • Clapping – This massage motion works to stimulate circulation in the deeper muscle increases relaxation and improving the benefit the remainder of the massage will provide.
  • Shiatsu – The Shiatsu massage style uses smaller circular motions on both sides of the spine simultaneously in an effort to relieve muscle tension.
  • Swedish – Swedish massage is the best known massage style and features long massage strokes that warm the muscles up and alleviate tension and stiffness.
  • Combo – This massage style combines two of the other five massage styles to create an ultra relaxing massage that quickly melts away stress and muscle tension to help you relax.

Within the manual modes you also have access to 5 adjustable levels of speed and intensity with 3 adjustable widths for each massage style.

Powerful Vibration Massage

Vibration massage has quite a few health benefits including improving circulation, relaxing muscles and aiding in spinal correction. The OS-4000 massage chair features a powerful vibration massage within the seat of the chair that works well in combination with the other massage types built in to the chair to deliver a truly unique and relaxing massage experience.

LCD Display Remote

The remote is quite large making it easy to see the details of your massage including, the current massage style, where your massage chair is massaging, and how much time is left in your current massage program. The remote also provides you with easy access to manual adjustments under the center cover that give you the opportunity to adjust your massage in many different ways.

Wireless Mini-controller

In the back of the larger LCD remote is a mini-remote that is wireless that allows you to control the basic functions of your massage chair without having to struggle to reach the big remote. This is a convenience feature that ensures you can get the most out of your massage and make some simple adjustments without having to get uncomfortable.

Full Body Air Compression Massage – 32 Airbags

The Osaki OS-4000 massage chair features an extensive air massage system that consists of 32 airbags that inflate to provide either a squeeze massage, or an air compression massage to the whole body from the shoulder all the way down to the feet. An air compression massage has a number of benefits to your health including helping to activate the lymphatic system, which helps cleanse the body of toxins, and improving blood circulation throughout the body, as well as muscle invigoration.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

This massage chair provides two heating pads in the lumbar area of the massage chair to assist in muscle relaxation. Heat is a great addition to any massage chair since it helps loosen up muscles and relieve stress. Any group of muscles that have heat applied to them before or during a massage will receive more benefit from the massage.

Product Videos

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Video 2 ()
  • Osaki OS-4000 ...

Warranty Information

Download Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair User Manual.
The Osaki OS-4000 comes with a Osaki Warranty

The Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair comes with Osaki’s 3 year “Rock Solid” Limited Warranty. Parts and Labor for your massage chair will be covered at no cost to you. During the second year, parts and the structural framework are covered, and during the third year the structural framework is covered.

3 year Total In Home Service Warranty $179

With the addition of this extended warranty, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 3 years. Should anything go wrong with it, a technician will come to your house to address any issues with your massage chair! You don’t have to carry it to the shop!

5 Year Total In Home Service Warranty $239 – BEST VALUE

When you add this extended warranty option, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 5 years. It is truly the best value and the best way to protect your investment in your new massage chair. Just like the three year warranty, a technician will come to your home and address any issues with your massage chair right in your home instead of you having to bring your massage chair to a repair facility!

Other Details

Suggested User Height:
5'2" - 6'2"
Recommended Max User Weight:
265 lbs
# of Motors:
Roller Stroke Length:
# of Airbags:
Timer Specifications:
5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Soft Synthetic Leather
Panel LED Display with wireless mini-remote
Chair Weight:
214 lbs
Dimensions (upright):
46" L x 32" W x 47" H
Dimensions (reclined):
76" L x 32" W x 47" H
Length of Wire (Controller):
Length of Wire (Power Supply):
Usage Conditions (Temp/Humidity):
50-104 ° F / 30-85RH
Storage Conditions (Temp/Humidity):
60-140 ° F / 30-85RH
Made in:
Requires Assembly:

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