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Sealy Ease Adjustable Base

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  • Product Description

    • Sealy Ease adjustable base

      Ergonomic Positions

      With the wireless remote you can control the position of your head and foot to enjoy nearly unlimited ergonomic positions. Sleep in the perfect position for you every night with the Sealy Ease adjustable base.

    • Sealy Ease wirless remote

      Wireless Remote

      The remote for the Sealy Ease adjustable base is wireless and provides easy use and features a very user-friendly layout that makes this adjustable base live up to its name. Control the headrest, footrest or both with the one touch flat button.

    • Sealy ease adjustable base fits within standard bed frames

      Fits in Standard Bed Frames

      The Sealy Easy base is designed to fit within standard bed frames so you can maintain the look and feel of your bedroom while adding important functionality to it.

    Sealy Ease Additional Features

    Sealy Warranty[pdf] | Ease Adjustable Base User Manual[pdf] | Sealy Adjustable Base Comparison Chart

    New from Sealy, the Sealy Ease adjustable base provides full head and foot articulation in a base that easily fits into most standard bed frames. Add adjustable functions to your bed while maintaining a beautiful bedroom with your standard bed frame. Set it on your frame, or put it directly on the ground with the 9" metal legs. Take a look at the features below and see what the Ease adjustable base can do for you.

    • Sealy Ease on touch flat button

      One-Touch Flat

      Included in the remote, is a one touch flat button. Adjust your bed to whatever position your want and when you are ready for sleep, or to get out of bed simply press the "Flat" button and the bed will automatically recline back to the flat position.

    • Sealy Ease adjustable base articulation

      Head & Foot Articulation

      Simply change the articulation of the headrest or the leg rest to create the perfect position for whatever you are doing, whether it's watching TV, sleeping, or working on a laptop. The Sealy Ease adjustable base offers you complete flexibility in the position of your bed.

    • Works with Most Mattresses

      As with most adjustable bases, the Sealy Ease can work with just about any mattress, the only stipulation is the "Ultra-firm" comfort level. These mattresses are simply too hard to adjust to the different positions that you are able to put your bed in.

    • 9" Metal Legs

      This adjustable base gives you the option of setting the base directly in your bed frame or utilizing the 9" metal legs to place it directly on the floor.

    • 15 Year Prorated Warranty

      The Sealy Ease adjustable base includes a 15 prorated warranty that covers parts and labor associated with servicing your adjustable base for the first year, parts are covered for up to 5 years from the date of purchase, and the remainder of the warranty covers the frame against manufacturers defects.


    How to Install the Sealy Ease Adjustable Base

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    1. Just say ZZZZZzzzzz.....

      I love the infinite number of positions to guarantee my back stays supported and having the benfits of possibly saving my marriage! My wife loves the ability to raise the mattress during some of the more unbearable snoring nights. Additionally, watching TV or reading before bed has become a breeze with the ability to reduce the strain on my lower back by a adjusting the head portion.This was so comfortable and loved all of the adjustments. on 19th Dec 2016

    2. Best Value, hands down!

      This Sealy Ease frame is midway in cost between our other two frames (currently $699), and is my new favorite, despite lacking Bluetooth and a massage feature. The first advantage was the delivery team cheerfully delivered its box directly inside to our bedroom, leaving me only the task of unboxing and slight assembly. Further, all the packing material fit inside our recycle bin afterwards, with just a little foam and plastic bag material for the regular trash bin. Next, assembly and placement was quick and easy - all done, including disposing of the packaging within an hour. Finally, although it has only one bracket at the foot to keep the mattress in place, it stays in place very securely. It also has one welcome and unique feature: a holder for two 9V batteries to lower the bed flat during a power failure. on 19th Dec 2016

    3. Weighs a lot

      Holy cow make sure you have someone there with you the day this is delivered because this is HEAVY. Like 200lbs heavy. Had to be brought in with a furniture dolly and then I moved it into the room piece by piece. Luckily assembly was rather simple and straightforward with easy to follow instructions. Make sure the bed is by an outlet as you'll need to plug it in, although there is a battery backup. on 17th Nov 2016

    4. Good Enough

      Setup is easy, except for the heavy weight and large size One reason I bought this model, is because it says it can be used with or without the legs. I ended up using the 9" legs, because it was easier for my setup. Black wireless remote is basic, with up/down head, up/down feet, and flat position button. Does not have a "favorite position" setting. (Also does not have extra features like massage or wall hugging or usb or phone app, etc...)

      It positions pretty slowly, but most of them do.It comes with a battery backup system where you can put in two 9-volt batteries and then pressing the button will return the base to the flat position. I didn't even put batteries in or try it out, as I don't anticipate needing it. But it's there, just in case.

      That about covers it. It's a basic adjustable bed base with a wireless remote. Build quality seems good. Black cloth around the edges is a safe color.
      on 7th Nov 2016

  • Warranty Information

    Guardian Extended Warranty

    Guardian 10 Year Extended Warranty - $149.99

    Sleep easy tonight with our adjustable bed protection program. Our extended warranty protection plan for your adjustable base will allow you to rest a little easier, by providing peace of mind and protection against failure or breakage of your adjustable base for the next 10 years.

    Extended Warranty Coverage

    • Failure of electrical components including wiring, motors, and remote control devices.
    • Breakage of mechanisms
    • Breakage of steel frames
    • Breakage of welds
    • Stains on adjustable base upholstery

    Coverage is provided with in-home service and includes parts & labor. To receive service, simply contact us at 888.996.9890 within 30 days of the occurrence. You will need your original sales receipt and your warranty plan number. See warranty contract for complete details.

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  • Other Details

    Weight Capacity: 650 lbs
    Articulation: Head & Foot
    Legs: 9" metal legs
    Clearance: Base can sit directly on the floor or on a platform bed.
    Remote: Wireless Remote w/ 3 AAA batteries (included)
    Battery Back-up: Yes, 9V Battery NOT included
    Sync Cord: Included with Twin XL & Split Cal King Sizes
    Connecting Strap: Included with Twin XL & Split Cal King Sizes
    Size: Twin
    Size: Twin XL
    Size: Full
    Size: Queen
    Size: King(2 Bases)
    Size: Cal King(2 Bases)

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