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Sealy Optimum Destiny Gold Mattress Review

Quick Review

The Sealy Optimum Destiny Gold Mattress is a great choice if you are looking for something to help keep you cool at night that provides a comfortable supportive feel. The Destiny Gold model is definitely a firmer mattress but it has some give in it due to the nature of gel memory foam, as the base model of the Sealy optimum line, you don’t get any extra bells and whistles with this mattress, though it doesn’t really need them. Two thing to remember as you read, This review will be updated as time goes on relative to questions we receive, and to different conditions outside (Las Vegas temperatures can vary pretty wildly), the other is that I am writing more about my experience with the mattress and gearing this review towards questions that our customer service team has been asked. So Lets Begin!

Comfort for the Side Sleeper

I am a side sleeper myself so this is a particularly important question I had when I first approached the Sealy Optimum Destiny Gold. The Destiny is quite a comfortable place to sleep for a side sleeper, where typical mattresses have pressure points on the hips and shoulder, the Destiny did support and cradle my hips quite well. There was still some pressure on my shoulder, but significantly less than there is when I sleep on an innerspring mattress.

This was a very comfortable sleep, and while I did not feel the need to toss, turn or switch positions, I did try rolling over to my other side. Changing positions on a memory foam mattress can be a bit awkward if you are unaccustomed to it. The body contour you left in your old position still remains for a second or two before it conforms around you again, which is kind of an odd sensation when coming from a innerspring mattress, once the mattress reshaped to my body though I was quite comfortable again.

Comfort for the Back Sleeper

The Destiny is very comfortable for a back sleeper as well. This was the first position I tried when I laid down. Since this is a firmer mattress I did not sink a lot, just about until my lower back touched the mattress. I felt very supported, there was zero pressure on any part of my back, it was very nice!

One of the big claims that the Sealy Optimum mattress makes is about improved heat dispersion due to the OptiCool layer on the top of each mattress. While I was lying on this mattress it did warm up a little, but not to an uncomfortable level. (I will readdress this come summer time) Overall, I feel safe saying that the Destiny Gold mattress is very back-sleeper friendly.


The Sealy Optimum Destiny Gold is the base model mattress of the line, and provides a great starting model. It is a comfortable mattress especially if you prefer a firmer mattress, and it delivers on its promise for unprecedented support and comfort that keeps you cool the whole night through.

Writers Bias

Since this is a mattress review I thought it would be helpful to you to know where you are receiving this information from. I am 6’2” about 260lbs, kind of a bigger guy, and I am a side sleeper that is used to sleeping on a pretty standard pillow top (non-flippable) mattress. So I am familiar with pressure points on a mattress, with my arm going numb because of the way I slept on it, and many of the other typical complaints most people have about mattresses.

Second Generation

The second generation of the Optimum Destiny mattress has improved almost every facet of the original mattress. By far the most popular model in the new line-up this mattress has grown an inch in thickness, so you get a better value for your dollar. As well as double the OUTLAST technology treatment, which makes it even more adept at helping you regulate your body temperature through the night.

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Price Range: $849-$1499

Comfort Level: Firm

10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

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