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Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold Mattress Review

Quick Review

The Sealy Optimum Inspiration Mattress is by far the most popular models in the Optimum mattress line, and it’s quite easy to see why after just a few minutes of laying down on one. The Inspiration has a nice support base that provides improved support over the Destiny or Radiance and a nice middle ground for someone who may be on a budget or prefer a softer bed. Keep in mind we will update this review as the seasons change to ensure you get the most accurate information about varying weather conditions and temperatures. Also your sleeping preferences might vary from mine as well, let me tell you about my experience with this mattress.

Comfort for the Side Sleeper

I am very much a side sleeper, so finding out whether or not a new mattress provides a comfortable side sleeping experience is high on my priority list. To start, when you first lay down the Inspiration mattress feels very soft and plush, and as you get comfortable the gel memory foam starts to kick in and slowly conform to your shape. I know the sinking feeling can put some people off of memory foam, but this was very gradual. The bed felt very supportive and didn’t have the enveloping feeling that some memory foam mattresses have.

Changing positions in this mattress was slightly awkward, not nearly as much as the Destiny though. I could feel the gel memory foam respond to my movements a lot faster than with the Destiny, so once I had turned over, it wasn’t long before I was very comfortable again. Very nice sleeping experience for the side sleeper and a very nice value for what you pay for this particular model.

Comfort for the Back Sleeper

If you are a plush mattress lover, then the Sealy Optimum Inspiration has exactly what you are looking for. The Inspiration is very supportive, and it shows when you first lay down and it contours to your body. Your whole back feels supported and comfortable. One of the bigger claims to the Optimum mattress line is that you sleep cooler, due to the combination of gel memory foam and outlast working to keep you in an optimal sleeping temperature range. The Inspiration does feel cooler than the ambient room temperature when you touch it, but its February at the time of this writing and its pretty cool outside, so I had no heat problems as I was laying on this mattress. This will be updated in July when its 100+ outside, and we can really put this mattress to the test. Check back for updates, we will continually update our reviews to reflect questions that we have been asked regarding the product.

Overall Experience

Overall its easy to see why the Inspiration is a best seller within the Optimum mattress line, it offers an impressive combination of support, comfort, and longevity without breaking your bank. The support system on an optimum mattress is second to none, and really shines within the Inspiration, especially since it’s a more affordable mattress than its higher end counterparts.

Purchase Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold Mattress

Price Range: $1399-$2199

Comfort Level: Plush & Firm Versions

10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

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