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Sealy Optimum Mattresses

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The Differences between Optimum Gel Memory Foam, and Optimum Gel Latex

What Makes Optimum Mattresses Different?

Optimum mattresses are unique in the mattress world because they are the first of their kind that are designed to help you maintain a constant comfortable temperature, so you sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer. Optimum mattresses are infused with gel memory foam throughout the mattress and are covered in OUTLAST material which helps you regulate your body temperature.

Outlast is used in a variety of clothing items and accessories including sports gear, military wear, and NASA has even included it in their space suits to help keep astronauts at a regular temperature regardless of whether they are in direct sunlight, or in the very cold shade. There is a very important note to be made here, where other mattresses help you cool down at night, or heat you up if you sleep cold, Optimum mattresses are designed to prevent you from getting either hot or cold and regulate the most optimal sleep temperature the whole night through. This is the benefit of OUTLAST.

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