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Sealy Optimum Mattresses

The Differences between Optimum Gel Memory Foam, and Optimum Gel Latex

What Makes Optimum Mattresses Different?

Optimum mattresses are unique in the mattress world because they are the first of their kind that are designed to help you maintain a constant comfortable temperature, so you sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer. Optimum mattresses are infused with gel memory foam throughout the mattress and are covered in OUTLAST material which helps you regulate your body temperature.

Outlast is used in a variety of clothing items and accessories including sports gear, military wear, and NASA has even included it in their space suits to help keep astronauts at a regular temperature regardless of whether they are in direct sunlight, or in the very cold shade. There is a very important note to be made here, where other mattresses help you cool down at night, or heat you up if you sleep cold, Optimum mattresses are designed to prevent you from getting either hot or cold and regulate the most optimal sleep temperature the whole night through. This is the benefit of OUTLAST.

What is OUTLAST?

OUTLAST is an innovative material used in several different products and applications to help the user regulate temperature. From sports equipment and apparel, to NASA's astranauts suits to help keep them cool, when working in the light of the sun, and to help them keep warm when in the shade.

If you are looking for more information on the OUTLAST material, check out their website!

What else has changed?

In addition to more OUTLAST being added each mattress, you get several other benefits designed to improve your sleep experience such as:

  • Gel Memory Foam in every layer - Now the cooling powers of gel memory foam have been infused into every layer of the mattress making it even more effective at helping you maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Thicker Profile - Each mattress has added an addition inch of material to increase your comfort no matter which mattress you choose.
  • Better Warranty - Sealy Optimum Gold Mattresses come with a 10 year warranty that protects you from manufacturers defects.

Benefits of a Sealy Optimum Mattress

  • Maintain Optimal Sleeping Temperature – Between gel memory foam, and the soft covering that is double treated with OUTLAST, Optimum mattresses are the first mattress in the industry that helps you maintain your body temperature through the night, as opposed to reacting to your changing body temperature, which is how other comparable mattresses operate.
  • Better Value - Since the release of the second generation of optimum mattresses you get more value for your dollar in the new line-up. Each mattress has had its profile increased by an inch. So you get an additional inch of gel memory foam to provide you with the comfort, support and temperature regulation that you need.
  • Reduced Motion Transfer – Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, Optimum mattresses do not transfer motion across the bed. This is ideal for couples sleeping especially if one of you gets up earlier than the other. Get out of bed and start your day without waking your partner and interrupting their night’s sleep.
  • Body Contouring Support - Sealy Optimum mattresses contour to the shape of your body so your spine is kept in the optimum alignment for maximizing comfort and support. This will help you sleep deeper and reduce tossing and turning during the night, so that you sleep longer through the night without having to wake up and readjust.
  • Designed & Built in the USA - Just like all of the Sealy Posturepedic mattress line. Optimum is designed, and manufactured right here in the USA. So you can rest easy knowing that you have purchased a quality product and it has gone to a business right here at home!

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