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Sealy Posturepedic Flora Shores Firm Mattress Review

The Flora Shores Firm Mattress provided me with an extreme amount of support and comfort. This mattress supports each part of your body and will minimize the discomfort you may feel if you remain in a one position for a long. The spine, head, and neck are the most sensitive parts of our bodies and need the most support. This mattress seemed to conform to my spine’s natural shape and I was able to sleep very soundly.

For side sleepers, the thick layers of the Flora Shores Firm Mattress offer a side sleeper the comfort of support layers to cradle the “curvy” profile of a person’s body. As one who prefers the support of firm mattress, I found this mattress to be truly ideal, but a side sleeper may want to opt for the plush mattress which will be a bit more forgiving on the typical pressure points in the shoulder and hip areas.

As an occasional stomach sleeper, I felt this bed offered the right amount of support to my midsection, without causing me to arch my back in any uncomfortable way when sleeping. I believe this mattress is ideal for the back sleeper due the amount of support it provides. The firm coils seemed to support my back, while as it molded to the curvature of my spine. This mattress seemed to stabilize my whole body and it offered full body support.

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