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Sealy Hybrid Mattresses

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Features of our New Sealy Hybrid Mattresses

Half Springs, half gel memory foam construction

Half foam & Half springs

Sleep on a bed that is made of the best of both world cooling gel memory foam on top for body contoured support and comfort and the new Embrace PLUS individually wrapped coil system beneath for deep down support that has the added benefit of motion transfer reduction and even more contoured support while minimizing pressure on your shoulder and hip area.

Individually wrapped coils

Zoned Individually Wrapped Coil System

The center third of each mattress has a higher coil density to provide the support you need right where you need it most.  The middle third of the mattress is where the majority of your weight is while you are sleeping, by reinforcing this area  not only do you have the added support, but the supportive feel of the mattress is going to last you much longer.

Outlast infused fabric for better temperature regulation


The stretch fabric of the quilt has been treated with OUTLAST to help you maintain your optimal sleeping temperature the whole night through.  OUTLAST is an extremely effective way to proactively manage the temperature of your bed the whole night so you can look forward to sleeping deeply instead of waking up because you got too hot, or uncomfortable and had to turn over.

ForeverFlex Fabric

ForeverFlex Stretch Fabric

ForeverFlex fabric is very lightweight and designed to be stretchable to create a body-hugging sensation when you lay down.  Each mattress features a beautiful contemporary design on it making as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Edge Support

3.5” HD Edge System

Around the edges of each Hybrid mattress is a 3.5-inch reinforced border so you can use the full surface of the mattress and don’t have to worry about the “Roll Off” Effect. This also provides a much more resilient and support seating surface across the edge of your mattress

Sealy Embrace PLUS Coil System

Embrace PLUS Coil System

The Embrace PLUS coil system features an individually wrapped coil system that has the highest coil density that Sealy has ever put in a Hybrid Mattress. This ensures you will get the very best in body contouring support, minimal motion transfer and a much more durable bed that will remain comfortable for years to come.  As mentioned above this system is “Zoned” which provides the additional coils where you need it, in the middle of the mattress.

Core Support Center feature

Core Support Center

In addition to the Zoned coil system in the bottom half of your bed,  there is an additional layer of gel memory foam on the top of the bed across the middle third of the mattress. This provides a little extra support and durability right where you need it most.

Half Springs, half gel memory foam construction

Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is an improvement over standard memory foam in a number of ways. Aside from its body contouring properties gel memory foam is much more effective at not building up excess heat.  Gel memory foam is ideal to help you maintain a much cooler sleeping temperature while providing the perfect amount of body contouring support for you!

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses have been proudly made right here in the USA for over 130 years.

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