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Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair

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    Titan massage chair has created a beautiful massage chair in the TP-Pro 8300. Featuring some innovative new features that bring your back massage all the way down to your upper thigh area, you are sure to receive a relaxing massage at the hands of this model. Available in four colors, black, brown, charcoal and cream, the modern design will look amazing in your office, or living room, and will provide you with much needed relief at the end of a very long day.

    Computer Body Scanning

    Computer body scanning is a basic necessity in any massage chair that is going to provide you with any sort of personalized massage experience. When you sit down and choose your favorite massage program, the massage rollers glide up your back in an effort to map the unique curvature of your spine, as well as the height of your shoulders. With this information the 8300 scales your massage to fit your unique shape, that way its massaging you everywhere you need it, and nowhere you don’t.

    S-Shaped Massage Track

    The S-shaped massage track in the TP-Pro 8300 is designed as an upgrade to the straight massage track. The S-shape more accurately mimics the curvature of a human spine so the massage across your back is much more uniform and even, especially in places that are traditionally hard to reach, like the lower back and upper shoulder area. This ensures that these places receive the same treatment as the rest of your back.

    Space Saving Technology

    The Titan 8300 can fully recline with only 6” of room behind the chair. No longer do you have to worry about scraping the wall when you recline or, about having your massage chair taking up too much of your living space. With this feature, the base of the massage chair slides forward as the chair reclines to ensure that it doesn’t need all of that extra room behind it.

    Zero Gravity

    Zero gravity is a great way to improve almost every part of your massage, and deepen your relaxation. Introduced by NASA a couple of decades ago as a way to reduce the incredible stress on the body that occurs when being launched into outer space, zero gravity has been since incorporated into home massage chairs for its incredibly relaxing effects. When you recline into the zero gravity position, your legs are raised above your heart which reduces the pressure of gravity on your spine and joints, which allows them to decompress more easily. As they decompress the surrounding muscles follow suit, which in some users causes a weightless sort of feeling. This decompression helps relax your whole body which makes your massage even more effective.

    Zero gravity positioning also has the added benefit of focusing the majority of your body weight on the backrest. This allows your back massage to dig a little deeper into those back muscles and improve the benefit you receive from your back massage.

    Next Generation Airbag Massage

    The Titan TP-Pro 8300 features a system of 28 airbags that are placed throughout the massage chair to provide a full body compression massage. This includes areas like your shoulders, arms, lumbar and hips, calves and feet. Many other massage chairs in this price range may feature anywhere from 30-50 airbags, but the 8300 includes new streamlined technology that allows the massage chair to provide the same level of massage with fewer airbags. Having fewer airbags has a number of benefits itself, including putting less stress on the massage chair, and making it more durable on the account of not having as many valves to inflate a higher number of airbags.

    Full Auto Recline & Leg Extension

    Reclining your massage chair and extending the leg rest are fully automatic. With the touch of a couple of buttons you can find the perfect recline position for you as well as the perfect length in the leg rest for you to sit comfortably. The remote makes this easy so you can focus on what is important…. Enjoying your massage.

    LED Chromatherapy Lights

    On either side of the 8300 are LED lights that fill the dimly lit room with a soft blue glow. This helps create a relaxing ambiance and allows you to immerse yourself a little deeper into the massage experience.

    Reflexology Foot Massage Rollers

    Two rows of reflexology foot massage rollers have been outfitted in the sole of each foot rest to deliver a reflexology massage to the soles of your feet. This massage stimulates acupressure points in your feet to help create a much deeper sense of well-being. The airbags in the footrest work with the foot massagers to increase the effect by inflating and pressing your feet down on the rollers. If you don’t want such a strong foot massage, or would rather turn the foot massage off all together, this is easily done from the remote.

    Full Size Remote with Graphical Display

    The Titan TP-Pro 8300 massage chair features one of the best and largest viewing screens that you will find in any massage chair. Quickly and easy see exactly what is going on with your massage at any givben time and make adjustments so your massage experience is perfect for YOU. Easily adjust the massage speed, massage style, the massage strength, as well as the air massage intensity and location.

    Massage Techniques

    You have 5 different massage technique programmed in to this massage chair. These include:

    • Kneading
    • Tapping
    • Knocking
    • Rolling
    • Pressing

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  • Warranty Information

    This massage chair comes with Titan’s 3 year “Rock Solid” Limited Warranty. Parts and Labor for your massage chair will be covered at no cost to you. During the second year, parts and the structural framework are covered, and during the third year the structural framework is covered.

    Extended Warranty Options:

    3 year Total In Home Service Warranty $179

    With the addition of this extended warranty, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 3 years. Should anything go wrong with it, a technician will come to your house to address any issues with your massage chair! You don’t have to carry it to the shop!

    5 Year Total In Home Service Warranty $239 – BEST VALUE

    When you add this extended warranty option, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 5 years. It is truly the best value and the best way to protect your investment in your new massage chair. Just like the three year warranty, a technician will come to your home and address any issues with your massage chair right in your home instead of you having to bring your massage chair to a repair facility!

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  • Other Details

    Rated Voltage: 110-120V
    Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions: 55"L x 30"W x 34"H
    Gross Weight: 270 lbs
    Auto-timer: 15 minutes
    Chair Color: Black
    Chair Color: Brown
    Chair Color: Charcoal
    Chair Color: Cream
    Massage Roller: 2D
    Massage Track Type: S-Track
    Features: Zero Gravity
    Features: Space Saver
    Features: Foot Massage Rollers
    Made In: China

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