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Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

What is Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity is a new feature included in some of the latest and most advanced massage chairs in the industry today. Introduced by NASA a couple of decades ago, the zero gravity position was a way for astronauts to reduce stress on their body when launching into space. Utilizing this position your massage chair can not only reduce any stress on your spine, but it also focuses your body weight on the back rest of the massage chair pressing your back down on the back massage rollers, increasing the intensity of the massage, and the benefit your receive from it.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs excel at increasing the efficiency of the massage rollers, so you receive a better massage, and reach more of the deep tissue in your back. The Zero gravity position also gives you a weightless feeling while you are lying there receiving your massage which can deepen the relaxation, thereby increasing the benefit of your massage.

One Stage Zero Gravity or Two Stage Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity massage chairs often have a couple of options when it comes to zero gravity positions. A one stage zero gravity massage chair, will usually have a button that you press and the chair immediately reclines into the position so you can start your massage. The legs are elevated slightly and the back is straight so there is no stress on the spine, which focuses the majority of your weight on the backrest and the massage rollers.

A two stage zero gravity massage chair will have the first position mentioned above, but you usually can press the zero gravity button again, and it will recline further. In this second position your legs are elevated above the heart, and the stress on the spine is absolutely minimal. You will feel a relaxing weightless feeling and best of all, all of your body weight will be focused on the backrest increasing the intensity of the massage without the massage chair motors having to work harder, and improving the benefit for you!

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