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Leggett & Platt Simplicty 2.0 Adjustable Bed Vs Simplicity 3.0 Adjustable Bed Comparison

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Leggett & Platt Simplicity 3.0 adjustable base bed is now available. The Simplicity line of adjustable bases has been around for awhile and you are now able to experience the third generation. This comparison will outline the differences between the Simplicity 2.0 and the new Simplicity 3.0. It is much easier to make a decision when you can see what changes have been made.


The remote of the adjustable base has kept the same shape, but the design changed just a little bit. Now, it is completely black with the backlit buttons varying in different directions. The flat button is still present as well as the programmable buttons. The emergency power down feature is also present and will get the bed to a flat position in case of a power outage. Massage is still available on the Simplicity and can be controlled by the remote. The 1-3-25 year warranty remains the same and still has impressive coverage.

Changes To The Simplicity

There have been quite a few changes to the Simplicity 3.0. Right off the bat we can see that the weight limit has been raised from 550lbs to 850lbs. This is a very significant change, especially if you have children and pets. Realistically, you are not going to take into consideration how much weight is on the bed when you try to get it in motion. The profile of the base has been slimmed down to 2”. The compressed steel frame allows for a slim design while still being able to maintain a higher weight limit. Casters have been removed from the legs and been replaced with adjustability. Now you can raise or lower your bed up to 10”.

Simplicity 3.0 Additions

There are many new features to the Simplicity 3.0. Buttons have been added to the remote that control the zero gravity feature and anti-snore. Zero gravity is going to get you into the optimal position to relieve stress from your joints. Anti-snore is a somewhat similar feature in that it will position your body to completely open you airways and help with snoring. Under bed lighting is also now included on the base. The light will illuminate the floor so you can see at night, but be dull enough that it would not wake up your sleeping partner.

Micro-hook retention system has been added to the Leggett & Platt Simplicity 3.0. The revolutionary Micro-Hook system positions two Velcro like strips across the width of the bed. The strips grab on to your mattress and keep it in place whenever the bed is in motion. You no longer need to use a retention bar at the end of the bed. This is going to make changing the sheet on your mattress a lot easier. The retention bar is still included incase you want to use a dust skirt, that would cover up the Micro-hook system.

Other Leggett & Platt Adjustable Base Beds

Leggett & Platt have released a whole new series of adjustable bases. Check back with Bedplanet to find out what has changed and what has remained the same. 


If you have any questions about any of our adjustable bed bases, give us a call 888-996-9890. Our adjustable bed experts are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions.

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