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Which is Better? Osaki OS-4000 vs Osaki OS-3700

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Osaki has presented two chairs for comparison. The OS-4000 and the OS-3700 are each going to provide you an impressive massage. While comparing the two chairs side by one tends to come out more appealing. This evaluation will display the variations between the 2 chairs. We hope to assist you in making your massage chair choice easier.

The OS-4000 and the OS-3700 do have a few similarities. Each chair comes in some different color options. The 2 chairs each encompass zero gravity options and body scanning features. Each has lumbar heating within the lower part of the chair. This is largely wherein the similarities stop.

The OS-4000 is a hulky looking chair, whilst the OS-3700 has a tendency to lean more to a sleeker look. The remote at the OS-4000 a quite big piece connected to the arm of the chair. A small wireless option can be released from the massive remote, however it doesn’t have as many features as the overall remote. The remote for the OS-3700 is a slender style with lots of visible options on it. You may manage almost every part of your massage from the slender remote. 

The OS-4000 uses an S-track massage style. This style will move with the curve of your spine and only go down to your tailbone. The OS-3700 features an L-track massage style. This works all the way from your neck to your upper thighs. You’re going to get a full body rub down from the OS-3700, whilst the OS-4000 basically leaves out a portion of your legs.

The OS-3700 has an edge in the armrests. When the chair moves into recline the armrest shifts 4” too. This lets your arms be included throughout the massage. The OS-4000 does not have this feature, so when the chair reclines, your arms will no longer be included in the experience because they will shift out of reach of the armrests. The end result is a massage that only includes the arms whilst it is in certain positions.

The chairs are similar in cost, however the OS-4000 is only available as a refurbished version. If you want a feature packed chair, then the best choice in this price category goes to be the OS-3700. 

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