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Glideaway Comfort Adjustable Beds

Glideaway Adjustable Bases are some of the best adjustable beds that you will find on the market. A full range of positions can be established when using an adjustable Glideaway adjustable base. Allowing you and your partner to create the best sleeping position for your personal preferences. Each Glideaway base is loaded with safety features to ensure that you adjustable base is going to work for you at all times. With one of the largest weight capacities in the industry, it shouldn’t be hard to find a Glideaway adjustable bed that is going to work for you.

Each Glideaway adjustable bed is different, so make sure to check out all the features that are included in your desired base.

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Glideaway Odessa Adjustable Base

Glideaway Odessa Adjustable Base - Size Queen

from $1,259.99

Glideaway Motion Adjustable Beds


Basic 200

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Motion 400

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Motion 500

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Motion 600

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Features Starter Good Better Best
Available Sizes TXL, F, Q, K TXL, F, Q, K, SK T, TXL, F, Q, K, SQ, SK, SCK TXL, Q, SK, SCK
Deck Type Clam Shell Hinged Clam Shell Hinged Clam Shell Hinged Clam Shell Hinged
Deck Height 1" 3" 3" 3"
Platform Friendly
Leg Style Solid 1 Piece Leg 3-IN-1 Leg 3-IN-1 Leg 3-IN-1 Leg
Head Up / Head Down
Foot Up / Foot Down
Neck Tilt
Sleep Enhancement Massage
Zero Gravity Position
Anti-Snore Position
One-Touch Flat Button Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preprogrammed Positions One Button Flat Zero Gravity,Anti Snore Zero Gravity,Anti Snore Zero Gravity,Anti Snore
Programable Positions 1 2 2 2
Underbed Lighting
4 USB Ports
Bluetooth App Control No Compatible Included Included
Wireless Remote
Base Elevation Kit Compatible Compatible
Warranty 5-Year Limited 10-Year Limited 10-Year Limited 10-Year Limited
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