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OHCO massage chairs are always improving and growing from the Classic. Innovations abound across the brand, and we're sure you'll be impressed with everything they offer now and in the future. 

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OHCO M.8 Massage Chair

OHCO M.8 Massage Chair


Comfort, luxury, and incredible massage for everyone. That's what OHCO is all about. The height of relaxation right in your living room.

In fact, it's even received multiple awards. In 2009, it was awarded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Honors and was a 2009 American Society of Furniture Designers Pinnacle Award finalist.

From designer Ken Okuyama, Shiatsu Master Okabayashi, and the ethos of Japanese engineering comes the latest in massage chair innovation- the OHCO M8 Massage Chair.

Visit the shop regularly to see the newest releases from this incredible company so that you can take home your own piece of luxury and ultimate comfort.

You can count on us as a top-selling retailer of the OHCO massage chairs.