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Positive Posture Massage Chairs

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Positive Posture wants style to meet function. Chairs and furniture can truly affect a person's health, and some can affect it for the better.

From their headquarters in Boulder, CO, the “Happiest City in America,” this company is driven to craft inspired products that “elevate your space & enhance the way you work, relax, & sleep every day.”

Positive Posture to be the top minds in ergonomic design and works with award-winning ergonomists, designers, and wellness experts globally to make innovative, refined furnishings that offer comfort science in combination with beautiful style.

Each recliner, chair, and sleep system developed by this business is the result of years of research, testing, and refinement. With the finest materials, highest standards, and ultimate dedication comes powerful massage chairs created to provide a lifetime of style and comfort.

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Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair

Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair