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Glideaway Comfort Bases

Glideaway Comfort Bases are some of the best adjustable beds that you will find on the market. A full range of positions can be established when using an adjustable Glideaway comfort base. Allowing you and your partner to create the best sleeping position for your personal preferences. Each Glideaway base is loaded with safety features to ensure that you adjustable base is going to work for you at all times.  With one of the largest weight capacities in the industry, it shouldn’t be hard to find a Glideaway adjustable bed that is going to work for you.

A German engineered motor is used on each base and utilizes noise displacement for quieter use which allows you to easily get to sleep. Many bases include USB ports on each side of the bed. If you are taking a device to bed with you, you will no have the ability to charge it throughout the night, so that you wake up and your phone is ready to get you through the day. Sleep Enhancement technology has been added to many of our Glideaway adjustable beds, with different enhancements used throughout the collection.

Each Glideaway adjustable bed is different, so make sure to check out all the features that are included in your desired base.

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