Glideaway Odessa Adjustable Base

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Glideaway Odessa Adjustable Base


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    Glideaway Odessa Comfort Base Adjustable Bed

    The Odessa comfort base will give you every feature that you could possibly need in an adjustable base. Simultaneous movement will get you to your favorite position in a matter of seconds.

    • Full Range of Positions
    • Upper Body Incline up to 65 Degrees
    • Lower Body Incline up to 35 Degrees
    • Simultaneous Head & Foot Movement
    • Motorized Neck Tilt
    • Premium Frame Design
    • German Designed Motor
    • Zero Gravity
    • Anti-Snore
    • Bluetooth/Voice Command Enabled


    The Odessa features the options to adjust both the head of the bed and the foot. Creating the perfect up and down combination for a night of rest. The upper body can incline up to 65 degrees with the lower body incline up to 35 degrees. Simultaneous Head and Foot Movement pairs perfectly with the motorized neck tilt, a sought-after feature not found in most bases. The Odessa is an adjustable base that is going to have every angle covered.


    The Odessa is controllable via the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Comfort Base App. You will now have the ability to control your adjustable base with just your voice! 2 Programmable buttons are available as well as 2 pre-programmed positions. Zero Gravity and Anti-Store are programmed into the controls, since they are two optimal sleeping positions.


    The Strong, yet lightweight, German-designed angle iron and steel tubular frame features recessed steel legs. Premium Deck-on-Deck Design is wrapped with Upscale Charcoal material covers the frame. Mattress retainer bar included. Recessed Steel Legs Allow for Heights of 8", 11.5" and 15". Plus, it's all wrapped in upscale charcoal upholstery fabric and provides a premium deck-on-deck design.


    • Zero Pull Force
    • Pinch Free Zones
    • Emergency Power Down
    • Power Protection
    • Ultra-Efficient Standby Mode


    A combined capacity of two Twin XLs for a king sized set is 800 lbs- 400 lbs for each Twin XL. Full maximum capacity is 500 lbs and Queen has a maximum capacity of 650 lbs.


    The German engineered motor utilizes noise displacement for quieter use which allows you to easily get to sleep. Dynamic Force, a patented lift mechanism that is twice as efficient as the competition allows the bed to become stronger as it rises. Stand-by Mode is Ultra-Energy Efficient.

    Pulsation of a single vibe motor that has been placed in the mid-back area creates even Total Body Vibration known as Sleep Enhancement Technology, providing numerous health benefits and easing user into deeper, higher quality sleep. There are 4 wave modes, 4 levels of intensity and 3 different timer options.

    The benefits of the Sleep Enhancement Technology are numerous. Studies show medical benefits of Total Body Vibration include increased circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility; better range of motion; and faster muscle recovery after physical activity. Other health benefits include increased bone density and reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. Higher levels of cortisol increase alertness, making it more difficult to relax into sound sleep. Total Body Vibration itself eases the body to sleep by relaxing the body’s muscles with the repetitive pulsations. All while creating a white noise effect, canceling out other surrounding noises and preventing sudden noises from waking you, allowing you to fall and stay asleep easier.


    • Wi-Fi ready for voice control
    • Mattress retainer bar included
    • 4 Easy Access USB Ports and Side Sync Button
    • 2 Programmable Memory Position Buttons
    • LED Under-bed lighting
    • Fits within or on top of most standard bed frames
    • Recessed Steel Legs for height of 8", 11.5", and 15"
    • Controllable via the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Comfort Base App
    • Wall Hugging Design-allows back travel up to 12"
    • One-Touch Flat button
    • 2 Programmable Memory Positions
    • 2 Pre-programmed Positions
    • 3 Timer Options


    *Please Note: This base is shown with the optional Elevate Tilt Mechanism which is sold separately.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to add the Elevate Tilt Mechanism to your order. The patented Elevate feature allows the user even more customization of the sleeping position. It allows the entire base to raise at an incline of up to 12 degrees. This lift feature can be used in tandem or be operated separately from the head and foot incline.  

    Currently the Elevation Tilt Mechanism Kit is only available for Twin XL, Queen, Split King and Split Cal King adjustable beds.

    Elevation Tilt Mechanism Kit Prices

    • Twin XL $499
    • Queen $499.95
    • Split King $998
    • Split Cal King $998

    Adjustable Base Size Guide

    adjustable bed size guide

    You can find the Glideaway Comfort Base Odessa User's Manual here.


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     Available Sizes  TXL, Q, SCK TXL, Q, SCK TXL, F, Q, K, SCK T, TXL, F, Q, SQ, K, SCK TXL, Q, K, SCK TXL, Q, SCK
     Deck Type Single Single Single Single Deck on Deck Deck on Deck
    Deck Height    3" 3" 4"    
    Split Deck Design  Yes Yes Yes Yes    
    Wirless Remote  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Optional
    Access to Remote App No No No Optional Yes  Yes
    1-PC King  No No Yes Yes  Yes No
     Sleep Enhancements No No No No Yes  Yes
    Preset Commands No Zero-G, Anti-Snore No Zero-G, Anti-Snore  Zero-G, Anti-Snore  Zero-G, Anti-Snore
     One-Touch Flat Button No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Memory Positions No No No 2 2 2
    Flashlight No No No Yes Yes Optional
    Wall-Hugger No No No No 3.5" 12"
    Upscale Charcoal Upholstery No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
    3-in-1 Legs No No Yes Yes  Yes Yes
    Headboard Brackets Optional No Optional Optional Optional Yes
    Neck Tilt No No No No No Yes
    Side Sync Button No No No Yes Yes Yes
    4 USB Ports No No No No No Yes
    Underbed LED Light No No No Yes  Yes Yes
    Bluetooth No No No Compatible Ready Ready
    Wi-Fi No No No Compatible Compatible Ready
    Voice Activation No No No Compatible Compatible Ready
    Base Elevation Kit No No No Compatible Compatible Compatible
    Warranty 1-Year Limited 20-Year Limited 15-Year Limited 15-Year Limited 15-Year Limited 15-Year Limited
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  • Warranty Information

    Guardian Extended Warranty

    Guardian 10 Year Extended Warranty - $149.99

    Sleep easy tonight with our adjustable bed protection program. Our extended warranty protection plan for your adjustable base will allow you to rest a little easier, by providing peace of mind and protection against failure or breakage of your adjustable base for the next 10 years.

    Extended Warranty Coverage

    • Failure of electrical components including wiring, motors, and remote control devices.
    • Breakage of mechanisms
    • Breakage of steel frames
    • Breakage of welds
    • Stains on adjustable base upholstery

    Coverage is provided with in-home service and includes parts & labor. To receive service, simply contact us at 866.328.8105 within 30 days of the occurrence. You will need your original sales receipt and your warranty plan number. See warranty contract for complete details.

    Glideaway 1-3-20 Year Limited Warranty

    The first year (starting when your adjustable base is delivered) your Glideaway Adjustable base is warranted against defects in the workmanship, and materials. During this time, if you have a problem with your adjustable base, you need only to contact Glideaway Service and Repair line at 1-314-426-3999 or email them here and replacement parts and authorized labor will be taken care of at no cost to you.

    The second and third years of your warranty cover the cost of parts that are found to be defective. Any costs incurred in the servicing and transportation will be your responsibility during this time.

    From the 4th year until the end of the life of your warranty, Glideaway will replace steel and mechanical base parts found to be defective that are not excluded from their warranty, This does not cover electronics, electrical components, drive motors, or massage motors. You are responsible to pay all service and transportation costs related to receiving and installation of the new part as well as a portion of the cost of the replacement steel, based on the number of months that you have owned your adjustable base past the 4th anniversary.

    For the Point of Purchase Block, our information is as follows
    3025 E. Post Rd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89120
    Ph: 888-996-9890

    If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at the number listed above or contact Glideaway’s customer service located here

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