Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-LiVE

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-LiVE - Black

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-LiVE

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    Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-LiVE

    Perfect Chair Accessories

    While the zero gravity position assists to achieve relief from discomfort, most Perfect Chair® owners also use their chair in positions other than zero gravity for activities like reading or watching television. Unlike zero gravity, sitting in these positions for extended periods of time places physical stress on the glutes and the sciatic nerve.

    With PC-LiVE™, Human Touch has created a Perfect Chair where body weight is evenly distributed over the entire seating surface, fully eliminating uncomfortable, unhealthy, and painful pressure points. You can now enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of our renowned Perfect Chair in any seating position. The Perfect Chair for your entire day.

    • 3D EasePoint Technology™ uses fluid-cell cushion to elminiate harmful pressure points.
    • Far-infrared Jade Stones to soothe tired, aching muscles.
    • Luxurious high-density Memory Foam PLUS seating for ultimate comfort.
    • Intuitive Omni-Motion 5-Way Control Offers Infinite Comfort Positions with a Simple Press and Hold for Zero-Gravity.
    • Full Support Head Pillow with Articulating Headrest.



    3D EasePoint Technology

    This proprietary and patented fluid-cell cushion is hermetically sealed, and displaces pressure in three dimensions by distributing pressure across the entire seating surface, eliminating harmful pressure points.


    Far-Infrared Jade Stones

    The healing properties of far-infrared Jade Stones heat to soothe tired, aching muscles, elevating the body to a new state of comfort and relaxation.


    Memory Foam PLUS Seating

    Luxurious high-density plush seating with premium, responsive Memory Foam PLUS to maximize ultimate comfort and provide ideal support while it contours the entire body.


    Full Support Head Pillow

    The comfort pillow cradles the head and neck while providing ergonomic comfort.


    Extended Armrests

    The wide and long armrests give constant support even as the chair reclines into zero-gravity.


    Power Recline

    Smooth power recline with split-second digital acceleration at all recline angles.


    Adjustable Lumbar Support

    The adjustable lumbar system is equipped with a release valve, allowing you to customize your seating comfort.


    Solid Wood Base

    Our hand-carved and hand-sanded solid wood base is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree), which yields one of the strongest woods on earth.


    The Strength of Steel

    High-tensile strength steel is sandblasted, cleaned, and powder-coated with a protective surface ensuring long-term durability and a smooth, quiet glide when reclining.

    The human body is naturally balanced, graceful, and beautiful. The PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic gives you the power to independently position your recline angle and leg elevation for the most versatile Perfect Chair yet.

    Learn about the Perfect Chair Story here. You can find a User Care and Operation Manual here.

    *Color may not look exact due to your monitor settings. 

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