Infinity Altera Massage Chair

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Infinity Altera Massage Chair

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  • Product Description

    User Manual [pdf] The Altera massage chair by Infinity is the perfect chair for a wide range of body shapes. People sometimes have struggled to find a massage chair that fits them comfortably. Often, users with smaller frames find that the air bags don’t reach them in the right spots. This usually occurs in the shoulder area and the footrest, two locations that highly benefit from a massage. The brand new Infinity Altera massage chair is the solution. It will comfortably accommodate most users from 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.


    L -Track Massage

    The Altera features an L-track with a 49” roller stroke length. The L-track is going to massage you for your neck all the way down to your upper thigh. When you have along day and you’re ready for a deep massage, the Altera is going to be able to give you exactly what you need.

    Quad-Roller Massage Mechanism

    The massage mechanism features 4 massaging heads that are designed to mimic the massaging motions of the human hand. This makes your back and shoulder massage feel much more realistic as if a masseuse was right there with you.


    Most massage chairs provide you with a simple remote to control the functions of the massage chair. With the bluetooth capability you can connect your phone to your chair to play music.

    Space Saving Technology

    The Infinity Altera massage chair utilizes Infinity's "Zero Wall" space saving technology. This reduces the total amount of necessary space behind the chair to 3" instead of 12-36" that is required by many other chairs. This ensures you can have your massage chair as close to the wall as possible without hogging space in your home.

    Two Zero Gravity Positions

    Zero Gravity was first introduced by NASA many years ago, and has become a perfect incorporation into a massage chair, the zero gravity position helps you improve your back massage while removing gravities influence on your joints and spine so that you can more deeply relax. The Altera massage chair offers a two stage zero gravity. As you press the zero gravity position button you are reclined back into a position where your legs are above your heart, and the majority of your body weight is focused on the back rest. Having the majority of your weight focused on the backrest has a number of great benefits. It allows the massage rollers to reach deeper into the muscle tissue to provide a deeper sense of relief, all while not having to work any harder.

    Extendable Legrest

    The Legrest on the Altera can be extended to accommodate anyone from 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. This is one of the benefits that the Altera has, which makes it more accommodating to a wider range of shapes and sizes.

    Massage Rollers in the Footrest

    Reflexology massage rollers are built into soles of the feet and provide a shiatsu massage to the soles of your feet. Airbags int he foot area help increase the benefit of these rollers by inflating on top of your feet and pressing them down onto the massage rollers. If you are not a fan of foot massages don't worry, you can easily turn off the foot massage from the massage app screen.

    Spinal Correction & Waist Twist

    The spinal correction feature utilizes the back roller and hip area airbags in a synchronized way to help twist and stretch your back to loosen up muscles and relieve any nagging aches and pains along your spine. This is a great way to take care of those back aches.

    Lumbar Heat

    Heat therapy is a great way to loosen up the large muscle groups so that you get the most of your massage. Large heating pads in the lumbar area provide relaxing heat to your back and side muscles.

    Synchronic Massage Mode

    The Infinity Altera massage chair includes much more advanced technology than the typical massage chair. When you sync your favorite mobile device and stream music through the built-in speaker system you can activate synchronic mode. This mode analyzes the music playing and synchronizes the movements of the massage roller to the beat of the music for a truly immersive experience.

    Full Body Airbag Massage

    The airbags in this massage chair have been repositioned to provide a much better full body massage to petite users without sacrificing the experience for larger users. These airbags are used in a variety of techniques such as stretching, and spinal correction. These airbags also provide full body relief and promote improved circulation throughout your body. Airbags are located in the Shoulders, Arms, Wrists, Lower Waist, Lumbar Buttock, Legs & Feet.



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  • Warranty Information

    Infinity Massage Chair Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Most massage chair manufacturers offer a 3 year limited warranty on their products from the date of purchase. Infinity offers a 3 year limited warranty that covers parts and labor for the first year. This is in-home service, where a qualified technician will come out to your home and make any necessary repairs without you having to transport your chair to an authorized repair facility. Only parts are covered for the remaining two years of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Optional 5-Year Extended Warranty Add-on

    With the 5 year extended warranty package, parts and labor are covered for 5 years with included in-home service. Go beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and really protect your investment in your massage chair by ensuring it is covered against breakdown for 5 years. This is easily the best value when it comes to your warranty options.

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  • Other Details

    Suggested User Height: 4’9” - 6'2'' (feet)
    Max User Weight: 285 lbs
    Massage Track Type: L-Track
    Massage Roller: 2D
    Features: Foot Massage Rollers
    Features: Heated
    Features: Zero Gravity
    Features: Space Saver
    Features: Bluetooth Technology
    Upholstery: Soft Synthetic Leather
    Chair Dimensions(Upright): 57L x 31W x 44H inches
    Made in: China
    Assembly Required: Some