Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair

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Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair

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    Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair

    Johnson Wellness has created the J6800 massage chair. This state of the art chair is going to ensure that you have an enjoyable massage experience every time that you sit down. Memory settings let multiple users have their favorite massages saved. Heating will enhance your massage, while the convertible footrest means you can easily use just the back features of the chair. The Johnson Wellness J6800 4D massage chair brings you an elevated level of deep tissue massage. Style and functionality is important to many users, the J6800's foot and calf massage unit easily flips to an ottoman or tucks away flat from view. This space saving feature provides an aesthetically pleasing view when the chair is not in use. Increase your relaxation experience by streaming music from your phone, tablet or MP3 player through the J6800's audio system.  The speakers are embedded on each side of your head creating a sound zone that you can enjoy. You can even sync your massage experience to the rhythms of your music. Customizing your massage experience is made even easier because the J6800 allows you to store up to three user profiles for every massage program. Total body comfort is also our focus as the J6800's armrests move in tandem with the backrest to keep your arms comfortable in the reclined position.


    Massage Roller

    4D-head dual massage mechanisms deliver an intense massage that will ease the tense muscles in your back and shoulders. A 4D massage tends to feel more humanistic and help alleviate deep tensions throughout your entire back.

    Multi-Point Body Scan

    11 different pressure points are scanned with the multi-point body scanning technology. This will customize your massage experience to your specific body size and shape.

    Heat Therapy

    A heating pad relaxes your back, but can also be wrapped over your shoulders, arms or hands. This is possible because the heat is in the pad and not the actual backrest of the chair. Heat is carried down to the footrest with elements that can heat the soles of your feet. The J6800 will pair heating with your full body massage.

    Air Compression

    31 airbags create the Pulse Air Massage system. An Airbag massage stimulates muscle fibers and will enhance circulation in your shoulders, hips, arms, thighs, calves and feet. Airbags are a great way for a massage chair to reach areas that the roller can’t quite get to.

    Automatic Recline Adjustment

    When the chair reclines the armrests will automatically adjust to compensate the shift. The automatic recline will ensure that your body has full contact with all of the massage surfaces for the duration of your massage.

    Convertible Footrest

    A multi-functional footrest can give you a relaxing foot and calf massage. The footrest uses airbags to massage your calves and soles of your feet. The footrest can extended up to 6” to accommodate a taller user. If you decide not to include your legs in your massage, you can rotate the footrest and it will turn into a standard ottoman. This is a great feature that will help your massage chair look like a regular piece of furniture.

    Music Integration

    The J6800 massage chair has surround sound speakers built into the chair, that allow you to listen to your favorite music or e-book during your massage. There is a ‘Music’ massage program that synchronizes the massage to the beat of your music, creating a fully immersive experience.


    An intuitive LCD remote control allows you to fully customize your massage. There are also finger-tip controls at the end of each arm rest. You will be able to adjust the settings without moving your arms out of your relaxing position.

    Massage Programs

    There are a total of 46 massage techniques available with 11 pre-set massage programs. The user memory can accommodate 3 different profiles, so you can save your settings for your next massage.

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  • Warranty Information

    Johnson Wellness Massage Chair Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Most massage chair manufacturers offer a 3 year limited warranty on their products from the date of purchase. Johnson Wellness offers exactly that, a 3 year limited warranty that covers parts and labor for the first year. The 1st year also includes in-home service, where a qualified technician will come out to your home and make any necessary repairs without you having to transport your chair to an authorized repair facility. The 2nd and 3rd year, the manufacturer's warranty only covers parts.

    5 Year Total In Home Service Warranty $239 – BEST VALUE

    When you add this extended warranty option, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 5 years. It is truly the best value and the best way to protect your investment in your new massage chair. Just like the three year warranty, a technician will come to your home and address any issues with your massage chair right in your home instead of you having to bring your massage chair to a repair facility!

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  • Other Details

    Suggested User Height Range: 5"0-6"2
    Manufacturer: Johnson Wellness
    Massage Roller Type: 4D
    Made In: China
    Massage Track Length: 30"
    Massage Track: S-track
    Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
    Roller Glute Massage: No
    Massage Speed Adjustment: No
    Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
    Removable Back Pad: Yes
    Body Scan Technology: Yes
    Foot Rollers: Acupoint Nodes
    Recline: Automatic
    Zero Gravity: No
    Inversion Therapy: No
    Auto Programs: 11
    Stretch Program: Yes
    Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
    Manual Programs: Yes
    Massage Techiniques: 9
    Hideaway Ottoman: No
    Spot/Partial Massage: Yes
    Memory Setting: Yes
    Vibration: No
    Heat: Yes
    Total Airbags: 31
    Air Bag Intensity: Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment: Manual
    Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
    Timer Setting: 15 Mins
    Number of Motors: Unknown
    Chromotherapy: No
    MP3 Player: Yes
    Dimensions (Upright): 53"L x 35"W x 49"H
    Dimensions (Recline): 73"L x 35"W x 36"H
    Massage Chair Weight: 214lbs
    Shipping Weight: 253lbs