Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair

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Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair

$4,795.00 (You save $2,200.00)

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  • Product Description

    Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair

    Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair. The Osaki Os-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair is the latest massage chair model to hit the industry from Osaki. Sporting a super sleek modern design with hideaway compartments for your iPod, or favorite MP3 player and countless other improvements on current technology and innovation the OS-3D Pro Cyber has everything you need for an incredibly relaxing and customizable massage.


    3D Massage

    he OS-3D Pro Cyber is outfitted with the latest in massage roller technology. These rollers have the ability to protrude from the massage track up to 8cm (3.15” inches). This makes the deep tissue massage on your back penetrate a bit more deeply. It also allows the back massager to reach much higher up on the shoulder and neck, which increases the overall area of massage. Your 3D massage has 5 levels of adjustment in speed, strength, and 3D protrusion to ensure you are getting the perfect massage for your preferences.


    The OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair features a 31” S-track for its massage rollers, which contours the human spine and allows it to provide its incredible massage capabilities to people as tall as 6’5”. The unique shape of the track allows the rollers enhanced movement and even massage pressure across your entire back.

    Zero Gravity Positions

    Introduced by NASA over 20 years ago, zero gravity positioning was designed as a way to reduce stress on the body as astronauts were being launched into space. In a massage chair, the zero gravity position has a number of benefits that improve your massage experience. As you recline in the chair, your lower body is raised above your upper body which allows your joints and spine to decompress a little more easily. This helps the muscles in all of those areas to relax much easier. In this position the majority of your weight is focused on the back rest, which improves the deep tissue massage you receive from your back massage, which improves the benefit you receive from the overall experience..


    Heat therapy is a great compliment to a back massage. The gentle heat in the lower back helps loosen up the large muscle groups in the area and radiates through your entire back. This soothing heat helps you receive more benefit from your overall back massage and improves your overall sense of relaxation.

    Accupoint Technology

    Accupoints are specific points along meridians in your body where channels of energy flow. Massaging these points provides the same effect as an acupuncture needle and opens up these channels throughout your body. The Osaki Cyber massage chair focuses its massage efforts on over a hundred accupoints across your back and neck to improve your overall sense of well-being and comfort.

    Arm & Hand Massage

    Airbags in these areas provide a compression massage to your limbs that helps promote optimal blood flow and relaxes muscles in these areas. In the foot rest the airbags have the added benefit of pressing your feet down on the foot massage rollers and increasing the benefit you receive from them.

    Large LCD Display Remote Control

    The Osaki Cyber massage chair features one of the largest remotes of any massage chair you will find. At 5” you have a nice big LED display that can easily be seen while fully reclined in zero gravity. You also have easy access to all different aspect of your massage.

    Auto Programs

    The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber features 9 pre-set massage programs, each with a specific goal that it offers to you. This ensures that you have a massage routine to choose from no matter what your needs are. These massage programs include: Energy, Deep Press, Relax, Comfort, Stretch, Demo, Full Air, Music Sync and De-Stress. The Osaki Cyber massage chair offers 6 massage techniques that are featured within the different massage programs and available to choose in manual massage mode. These techniques are: Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Combination and Punching.

    Auto Timer

    Your massage can be programmed for 5-30 minutes in increments of 5 minutes. This is a safety feature to ensure that you or anyone else using the massage chair is not hurt if they fall asleep while receiving the massage, Which can cause injury if you are not careful.

    MP3 Player

    Connect your iPod or MP3 player to the remote and listen to your favorite playlist while enjoying a massage. Store the player in the hide away pocket to keep it safe and listen to your music through the high quality speaker system built into the headrest. These speakers are designed to focus the music into the chair at the user, instead of out into the room. This cuts down on noise and distractions of the rest of the room while you enjoy your massage.

    Impressive Full Body Air Compression Massage

    The air compression massage system is comprised of 36 airbags strategically placed throughout the massage chair. These airbags extend your massage experience to a more full body massage experience.

    Auto Recline and Leg Extension

    The automatic leg extension in the Osaki Cyber massage chair allows the massage chair to cater to much taller users by being able to accommodate longer legs, and ensuring that no matter the length of your legs that they are being massaged in the correct areas. This feature ensures the same lower body massage experience no matter how tall you are. Auto-recline allows you to take control of the recline of the massage chair with the push of a couple of buttons. This ensures that you can find the perfect position for you to receive your massage.

    Dual Foot Roller Massagers

    There are two foot massage rollers in each foot rest that are designed to provide a reflexology massage to the soles of your feet. This can have great benefits to your foot and leg health as well as promote an overall sense of well-being thanks to the reflexology aspect of your foot massage. These rollers also work well with the airbags in the lower leg area. When the airbags inflate they press your feet down on the massage rollers increasing the benefit you receive from them. Don’t like foot massages? That’s okay; you can easily turn this feature off from the easy to use remote.


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  • Warranty Information

    The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair comes with Osaki’s 3 year “Rock Solid” Limited Warranty. Parts and Labor for your massage chair will be covered at no cost to you. During the second year, parts and the structural framework are covered, and during the third year the structural framework is covered.

    5 Year Total In Home Service Warranty $239 – BEST VALUE

    When you add this extended warranty option, parts and labor on your new massage chair will be covered for 5 years. It is truly the best value and the best way to protect your investment in your new massage chair. Just like the three year warranty, a technician will come to your home and address any issues with your massage chair right in your home instead of you having to bring your massage chair to a repair facility!

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  • Other Details

    Suggested User Height: 5'2" - 6' 3"
    Recommended Max User Weight: 275 lbs
    Chair Weight: 252 lbs
    Power Consumption: 300W
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Auto-Timer Specifications: 15 minutes
    Shipping Dimensions: 2 Boxes - 51" x 30" x 26" & 57" x 30" x 26"
    Shipping Weight: 290 lbs
    Chair Color: Black
    Chair Color: Brown
    Chair Color: Red
    Chair Color: Cream
    Massage Roller: 3D
    Massage Track Type: S-Track
    Features: Zero Gravity
    Features: Heated
    Features: Foot Massage Rollers
    Made In: China