Reverie 3E Tech Adjustable Base

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Reverie 3E Tech Adjustable Base


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    Reverie adjustable bases

    Women's Choice Award Winner

    Womans choice award

    In both 2012, and 2015 Reverie adjustable bases were the proud winner of a Women's Choice award. No doubt due to the quality of their products as well as their amazing selection. The Reverie 3E adjustable base carries this same quality as the intro model for their adjustable base series.

    Whisper Quiet Lift System

    One feature that sets Reverie adjustable bases apart from other brands is the Whisper Quiet Lift System. The Reverie 3E Tech adjustable base is outfitted with whisper quiet motors that ensure that all motion within the base it quiet so you can change your position in the middle of the night without fear of waking your partner or having to listen to loud machinery.

    3 in 1 Legs

    The legs of the Reverie 3E Adjustable base allow you to adjust the height between three different settings. You are now able to make adjustments right away without buying any additional components. 

    Mattress Retainer Bar

    The retainer bar is an important feature. This bar helps keep your mattress in place when you are changing positions. Within the Reverie 3E Tech adjustable base, you have one bar at the foot of the bed that keeps your mattress from sliding off.

    Fits most Frames & Headboards

    The 3E Tech adjustable base is designed to be flexible and allow you to use your bed frame or headboard in conjunction with its adjustable capabilities so that you can get the most beautiful, and most functional bed on the market today.

    850lbs Weight Limit

    Due to its quality steel construction the Reverie 3E adjustable base is capable of supporting up to 850 lbs. This is significantly higher than many of our other adjustable bases and is ideal for families with children or large dogs that like to jump on the bed with you.

    Wireless Remote

    The remote for the Reverie 3E Tech adjustable base is designed to be very straightforward. Control the angle of the headrest, as well as the footrest, and when it's time to put the bed back in the standard position, you can do so in one touch with the Flat button. The anti-snore button will position the bed so that you are resting with your airways open. 2 Programmable preset positions are available allowing you to get into your favorite position right away. The zero gravity button will put you in the optimal position for relaxing your body. 

    Flat Button

    The flat button is a convenience feature that allows you to return your adjustable bed to the flat position with the push of one button instead of having to hold the movement buttons down.

    Warranty Information & Service

    Reverie provides a 20-year limited manufacturer's warranty on their adjustable bases. For the first year, parts, shipping, and in-home service are covered at no cost to you for any service calls related to manufacturers defects with your adjustable base. The second through fifth-year parts are covered at no cost to you, and for the remainder of the warranty the mechanical frame parts a warranted against manufacturer's defects. Click the link for the full manufacturer's warranty below.

    Reverie's 20 year limited warranty

    Adjustable Base Size Guide

    adjustable bed size guide

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