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Sealy adjustable beds are new to! Easily paired with all of our mattresses (except for Ultra Firm mattresses) these adjustable bases provide a top to bottom solution for your bed that allows you to sleep, watch TV, or read a book in the most comfortable position for you!

Adding an Adjustable Base to your bedroom will completely change the way you sleep during the night. Wireless remotes let you easily control your base and get it into a position that your are most comfortable with. A feature called Wall Hugger will allow you to get the bed all the way up to the wall. When the base moves, it will shift within the frame, but yet keep you in position so that you can reach items on your nightstand.

Many bases include USB ports on each side of the bed. If you are taking a device to bed with you, you will no have the ability to charge it throughout the night, so that you wake up and your phone is ready to get you through the day. Furniture Style Adjustable Beds give you an base in a furniture style bed frame, which is different from just being able to see the metal legs. Each adjustable base is different, so make sure to check out all the features that are included in your desired base. 

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base

Sealy Ease®2.0

The simple way to turn your bed into the perfect place to relax. With a virtually unlimited range of ergonomic positions you can read, watch TV, or fall asleep in perfect comfort.

Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base

Sealy Reflexion® 4

Take comfort to a whole new level with a virtually unlimited range of ergonomic positions for your head and feet.

Stearns and Foster Reflexion 7 Adjustable Base

Stearns & Foster Reflexion® 7

The choice for ultimate comfort. Includes full-body massage, head and foot lift, and virtually unlimited ergonomic positions.

Head + Foot Adjustment
Wireless Remote
Adjustable Legs
Wall Hugger
Furniture Style
Pillow Tilt
A/C Outlets
USP Ports
Dual Massage Zones
Dual Massage Zones
Three massage intensities
Full-body massage mode.
$749 / $1,498*
$1,499 / $2,998*
$1,999 / $3,798*

* Price for a King or California King adjustable base includes 2 bases.