Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base

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Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base

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  • Product Description

    Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base

    • Wireless Remote

      Included in this model is a wireless remote that allows you to effortlessly control every facet of the adjustable bed, from the head and foot articulation, massage, nightlights, and pre-programmed position settings.

    • Dual Wave Massage

      The Sealy Reflexions 4 adjustable bed features a dual wave massage capability built into the head and foot. Control which massage zone is active and choose from 3 different intensity levels of massage that vibrate throughout the bed in an effort to relax you. 

    • Nightlight

      Built into the bottom of this Sealy adjustable bed base is a nightlight that is easily activated from the remote. This makes it much easier to find your way around at night, or early in the morning as you are getting up for work. It also creates a soft ambient light that is nice and relaxing.

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    Premium Design & Construction

    The Sealy Reflexions 4 Adjustable base is designed to bring a measure of elegance to your bedroom as well as luxury to your life, and your night’s sleep. The upholstered frame features a durable high grade fabric that is beautiful and soft to the touch. The legs of this adjustable bed are 6.5” furniture grade wooden legs and are finished in a cappuccino color.

    Works with your Mattress

    The Reflexions 4 Sealy adjustable bed is designed to work with almost all of the mattresses Sealy offers. With the exception of the Ultra firm versions of some of their mattresses, you can use any other model in their collection to pair with your adjustable bed to create the perfect environment for your ideal night’s sleep. Below are a few links to the mattress collections that we recommend for this base.

    Wireless Remote Features

    Sealy Relfexion 4 adjustable base wireless remote

    • Control the recline of the headrest
    • Control the recline of the footrest
    • Choose from one of the 3 pre-programmed memory settings
    • Control the massage in the head of the bed
    • Control the massage in the foot of the bed.
    • Stop the massage
    • Choose between the different levels of intensity for the wave massage

    Ergonomic Positions

    Choose from these positions as well as countless others. Having full control over the incline of the headrest and footrest means that you can find the perfect position for you and the most ideal position for you to sleep in, this is one of the benefits to having an adjustable base.

    Three Pre-programmed Memory Positions

    The three preprogrammed positions in this adjustable bed are three highly recommended positions that Sealy has found most popular in some of their older models. They are:

    • Zero Gravity- Both your head and your legs are raised to create an ideal comfort level. Perfect for sleeping, and providing the maximum level of relaxation.
    • Lounge Mode – This mode raises the head and lowers the feet making it ideal for watching TV, reading a book, or working on your laptop.
    • Incline Mode – Slightly raises the headrest and allows you to sleep with at a slight incline. This position helps to alleviate snoring, and many find more comfortable than a standard flat bed.

    Wall Hugging Design

    Older adjustable bases would raise the headrest forward as well as up when you incline the headrest. This would take you away from the wall, and often times away from your nightstand. The Wall-hugging design allows you to stay close to the wall and keeps your nightstand within easy reach be gliding the bed back as well as raising the headrest up so that you remain in the same location and don’t have to stretch for the TV remote, or the alarm clock.

    Compare all Sealy Adjustable Bases

    Sealy makes three different adjustable bases. To quickly and easily compare the main benefits and differences of these adjustable bases we have included this comparison chart that gives you a basic breakdown of each model. This chart makes it much easier to decide at a glance which Sealy adjustable bed base is right for you.

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  • Warranty Information

    Guardian Extended Warranty

    Guardian 10 Year Extended Warranty - $149.99

    Sleep easy tonight with our adjustable bed protection program. Our extended warranty protection plan for your adjustable base will allow you to rest a little easier, by providing peace of mind and protection against failure or breakage of your adjustable base for the next 10 years.

    Extended Warranty Coverage

    • Failure of electrical components including wiring, motors, and remote control devices.
    • Breakage of mechanisms
    • Breakage of steel frames
    • Breakage of welds
    • Stains on adjustable base upholstery

    Coverage is provided with in-home service and includes parts & labor. To receive service, simply contact us at 888.996.9890 within 30 days of the occurrence. You will need your original sales receipt and your warranty plan number. See warranty contract for complete details.

    Your Sealy Reflexions 4 adjustable base is protected by a 1/3/20 limited manufacturer’s warranty. When you receive your adjustable base and have it set up its important to register it with Sealy so you get the full benefit of your manufacturer’s warranty .

    The Warranty

    The First Year

    During the first year from the date of delivery your adjustable base, the warranty covers labor, parts and the frame at no cost to you, with in-home service. Just contact Sealy’s customer service and they will send a qualified technician out to you to repair or service your base.

    The Second and Third Years

    During the second and third years, replacement parts, and the frame is covered at no cost to you, you will be responsible for any labor costs that are incurred from the servicing of your base during this time.

    The Fourth Year on..

    From the fourth year on to the end of the life of your warranty, the frame of your adjustable base is warranted against manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials aside from excluded items. Parts or mechanical servicing of any kind is not covered under your warranty during this time.

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  • Other Details

    Lift Capacity: 650 lbs
    Articulation (Head): Head raises up to 60 degrees from flat
    Articulation (Foot): Foot raises up to 40 degrees from flat and lowers up to -10 degrees
    Size: Twin XL
    Size: Full
    Size: Queen
    Size: King(2 Bases)
    Size: Cal King(2 Bases)
    Features: Wall Hugger
    Features: Massage
    Features: Lighting Control
    Features: Preset Positions