When you upgrade to a Tempur-Pedic Sealy power base, you receive a variety of benefits including virtually infinite ergonomic positions, full body pressure relief, customized sleep positions and a solution for sleep partners that snore. The Sealy power bases are an essential part of a holistic sleep system, and a key ingredient for superior sleep.

Adding a Tempur-Sealy adjustable base to your bedroom will completely change the way you sleep during the night.  Wireless remotes let you easily control your base and get it into a position that your are most comfortable with. Head and Foot adjustment will be available in the Sealy Adjustable beds, allowing you to create the ultimate position for your preferences. Many Tempur-Sealy adjustable beds include USB ports on each side of the bed. If you are taking a device to bed with you, you will no have the ability to charge it throughout the night, so that you wake up and your phone is ready to get you through the day.

Adjustable legs are going to give you the ability to create the perfect height for your Tempur-Sealy adjustable bed. A great feature if you are going to put your Tempur-Sealy adjustable bed in a frame. Each Tempur-Sealy adjustable base is different, so make sure to check out all the features that are included in your desired base. 

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base

Sealy Ease®2.0

The simple way to turn your bed into the perfect place to relax. With a virtually unlimited range of ergonomic positions you can read, watch TV, or fall asleep in perfect comfort.

Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base


Taking comfort and convenience to new levels, this base features a Mute Button to help make snoring a thing of the past, and USB ports for a bed that’s as connected as you are.

Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base


The most elite Tempur adjustable bed bases, with exclusive PerfectSeat technology that allows you to relax in a more natural, ergonomic position when reading, sitting or working in bed.

Head + Foot Adjustment
Wireless Remote
Adjustable Legs
USB Ports
Under Bed Lighting
Anti-Snore Preset
Pillow Tilt

2 Zone Massage

2x Massage (4 motors / 2 zones)
Weight Capacity
650 lbs
700 lbs
850 lbs