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Titan TI-8700 Massage Chair

$2,995.00 (You save $5.00)

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    The Titan TI-8700 massage chair is designed to provide an incredible massage for for a lower price point. Imagine how you would feel if you had a massage to start your day every day. Now you can and for much less, take a look at the features below and see if the TI-8700 is the massage chair for you!



    The industrial design puts the emphasis on functionality. The Titan TI-8700 does not try and hide what it does, or what it can do for you. With an improved foot massage and zero gravity, you are guaranteed a new level of relaxation.

    2 Stage Zero Gravity

    Zero gravity is an important addition to any massage chair as it improves almost every aspect of your massage experience. As your recline into the zero gravity position, your legs are raised to the same level of your heart so pressure can be removed from your joints and spine which helps them decompress and relax. This sensation can feel like weightlessness to some users. In addition to this full body relaxation you also get an improved back massage since the majority of your weight is focused on the backrest.

    Foot Massage Rollers

    Massage rollers have been placed in the sole of the foot rest to apply a kneading style massage to the bottom of your feet. This is the perfect escape after a long day at work on your feet. These rollers also provide reflexology benefits which can improve your overall sense of well-being. When reclining the leg rest fully extends and retracts to ensure your legs rest comfortably during your massage. To stop the retraction press your toes into the foot rest.

    Lower Lumbar Heaters

    Located in the lumbar of the backrest are two heating elements that apply heat therapy to the large muscles groups of the lower back in an effort to soothe lower back pain. This is a great complement to a back massage as it allows you to get the most out of each massage session.

    Hip & Seat Vibration for Lower Back Pain

    Vibration can be a very effective way to soothe lower back pain. The Titan TI-8700 massage chair has been outfitted with a vibration massage that works through the hips and seat to loosen up muscles in the lower back.

    Full Body Airbag Compression Massage System

    The Titan TI-8700 massage chair features airbags in the shoulders, arms, hips and legs that provide a new level of full body massage experience. These airbags work with the back massage and foot massage to improve the intensity of both of these massages.

    LED Remote Control

    The remote for the Titan TI-8700 provides an easy and intuitive way to choose your massage program and make adjustments to your massage. You also have manual massage techniques to choose from if you are looking for a specific type of massage on a given day.


    There are six massage types to choose from that including Kneading, Tapping, Clapping, Rolling and Swedish. There are five automatic programs to choose from which include Morning Wake-up, Sporting Recovery, Full Body Relax, Next/Shoulder/Therapy, Lower Body Therapy and Leg Extension Scan.


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  • Other Details

    Suggested User Height Range: 5"0 - 6"2
    Manufacturer: Titan
    Massage Roller Type: 2D
    Made In: China
    Massage Track Length: 30"
    Massage Track: S-track
    Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
    Roller Glute Massage: No
    Massage Speed Adjustment: Yes
    Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
    Removable Back Pad: Yes
    Body Scan Technology: Yes
    Foot Rollers: Yes
    Recline: Automatic
    Zero Gravity: Yes
    Inversion Therapy: No
    Auto Programs: 6
    Stretch Program: Yes
    Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
    Manual Programs: Yes
    Massage Techiniques: 5
    Hideaway Ottoman: No
    Spot/Partial Massage: Yes
    Memory Setting: No
    Vibration: Yes
    Heat: Lumbar
    Total Airbags: 30
    Air Bag Intensity: Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
    Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
    Timer Setting: 5-30 Mins
    Number of Motors: 8
    Chromotherapy: No
    MP3 Player: Yes
    Dimensions (Upright): 57"L x 30"W x 48"H
    Dimensions (Recline): 71"L x 30"W x 35"H
    Massage Chair Weight: 205 lbs
    Shipping Weight: 232 lbs