UltraComfort StellarComfort UC556-MLA Power Lift Chair

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UltraComfort StellarComfort UC556-MLA Power Lift Chair

$1,560.00 (You save $390.00)

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  • Product Description

    UltraComfort Lift Chairs

    Fabric Options

    UltraComfort StellarComfort UC556-MLA Power Lift Chair

    The UltraComfort StellarComfort UC556-MLA power lift chair is known as the Cozy Comfort due to the impressive amounts of padding and extra plush feel of the back and arm rests. Combined with this improved comfort you get to enjoy the infinity positioning capabilities of this lift chair. Choose one of the four positions from the remote and customize it with the lift and recline buttons. After you have the perfect position for you, you can then reprogram that button to always remember your changes so you don’t have to make changes with every use. Enjoy 12 colors to choose from, many of which are available to be shipped in the next business day. This lift chair is also available in an entire line up of UltraPlush fabrics (2-4 weeks before shipping). Give us a call for more information.

    From the Manufacturer

    We named this chair the CozyComfort because we believe it’s the most comfortable power lift recliner ever made! Its unique seat design cradles your lower body with unmatched support while its overstuffed biscuit-style backrest makes you feel like you’re lying on a cloud. Designed to fit people from 5’4″ to 5’10” with a 375 lb. weight capacity, the CozyComfort 556-MLA comes in four standard fabrics and is available for immediate shipment in select colors. Every UltraComfort lift and recline chair features an easy-to-use battery backup system in the electrical transformer operates on two 9-volt batteries. In the event of a power failure, the battery system will raise the chair from the reclined to the seated position one time.


    • Medium Size

      UltraComfort lift chairs are available in a few sizes to adequately cater to a range of people in all different shapes and sizes. This chair is for our big and tall customers. Users of 5'4"- 5'10" in height can comfortably sit in the chair and it has a max weight capacity of up to 375 lbs.

    • Pocketed Coil Seat Construction

      The UC556-MLA lift chair from UltraComfort has designed a very comfortable seat with plush padding and pocketed coils. This creates a seat that will cater to your body and give you the support your body needs no matter what position you are sitting in.

    • Infinity Recline Positions

      There are 4 basic positions that you are able to choose from and then customize to better suit your personal preferences. These positions are “TV Watching”, “Sleep”, “Trendelenburg”, and “Zero Gravity”. Once you are in one of these positions simply make the adjustments you want and reprogram the button to save your changes to that position. Very simple and very easy.

    • Power Lift Mechanism

      Simply hold the lift button down and the seat will raise up so you can easily get in and out of the chair without putting any un due stress on your joints. The entire motion is smooth and motorized and is backed up by a backup battery feature.

    • Back Up Battery Feature

      There is a backup battery feature that will raise the chair up from the reclined position should the power go out. Two 9V batteries provide enough power to raise the chair up so you can get up. It is recommended that you change the batteries after this happens to ensure it has enough power should it need to be used again.

    • Massage and Heat Upgrade Available

      Upgrade your massage chair with massage and heat therapy capabilities to maximize the overall relief this chair can provide. Heat therapy is a great way to help loosen up tension throughout your back and can have a significant effect on back pain.

    • Ultra Plush Back

      The backrest provides a plush ultra comfortable design that is filled with plenty of cushioning so you can sit comfortably. This backrest is designed for maximum comfort and support while maintaining the look and feel of a high end recliner.

    Intuitive Remote

    • Takes you through the motions of a StellarComfort chair as you glide into your comfort zone. When you are finished relaxing, the “Lift” button will place you in the ideal position to get out of your recliner without unneeded stress on your joints.

    • A programmable button that allows you to relax while interacting with family and friends.

      Since everyone watches TV differently, have your chair memorize your personalized TV watching position. With the touch of a button, experience ideal comfort for movie night with the family.

      Zero-gravity distributes your body weight evenly providing pressure-free relaxation. Program this button to a position of weightlessness and enjoy.

      Whether it’s an afternoon nap or your solution to a restless night’s sleep, program this button to the position that provides optimum comfort and there will be no need to count sheep.

      Partial and total lock out feature is available buttons on the AutoDrive 3.0.

    • These four arrow buttons operate the chair back and foot rest independently allowing for infinite positioning and guaranteeing optimum comfort.

      Elevate your feet to promote circulation and experience a satisfying stretch in your lower back by achieving the Trendelenburg position. While in the Zero-gravity position, press the downward arrow until the best rest stops moving. Relax, rejuvenate, refresh!


    Dimensions & Capacity

    • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
    • Width: 38"
    • Height: 45"
    • Seat Height: 20"
    • Width Between Arms: 20"
    • Seat Depth: 21.5"

    Warranty Information

    • Limited Life Time Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty on Electrical parts: 3 Years
    • Warranty on Mechanical Labor: 3 Years
    • Warranty on Electrical Labor:  1 Year
    • Warranty on Fabric, Foam, and Pocketed Coils: 1 Year
    • Pro-Rated Years 4 through 7: Yes

    Special Features

    • Removable Back Option : No
    • Left Hand Control Option Available: Yes
    • Extra Pocket Option Available: Standard
    • 4-Motor Heat & Massage Available: Yes
    • 2-Motor Heat & Massage Available: No
    • Smart Tek System: Yes
    • Smart Dock: Yes

    Construction & Style Elements

    • Style : Casual
    • Base Type: No Skirt - No Visible Leg
    • Origin: Made in the USA
    • Size: Medium


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