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Daiwa Massage Chairs

daiwa massage chairs

Why Choose Daiwa?

Daiwa has been a leading developer of massage chairs in the personal wellness field. They are one of the foremost manufacturers and distributors of luxury massage chairs in America. The Japanese word for “great harmony,” the company name, Daiwa, conveys their mission- "to help all parts of your body work together and achieve personal wellness through therapeutic massage."

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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

$12,500.00 $13,500.00

Customer Service

Daiwa aims to support you throughout the lifetime of your massage chair. Their committed Customer Support staff is available by phone during normal business hours and you can use online forms whenever you need. They're Sales Questions and Repair Service. A unique feature of Daiwa is the fact that they have facilities throughout the US, including Hawaii, so that they can ensure timely, reliable service. They're dedicated to making your purchase hassle-free, and your massage experiences exceptional.​


Daiwa models are produced based on customer-centered research into the holistic health benefits of therapeutic massage. Their engineers have meticulously designed each chair with cutting-edge technology and the best in manufacturing. Every new feature introduced is the result of rigorous quality control testing and user feedback.

They test and upgrade their products on a regular basis and develop new merchandise based on consumer needs and desires.

Quality Control

The Daiwa design team works intimately with the manufacturing plant to make sure that every chair designed is the highest quality product. The manufacturing facilities in China use the latest technology and components so that every chair is of high-quality, innovative, and durable.

The superior quality control is a result of their primarily in-house productions. They design their chairs in Gardena, California, and have them manufactured in Chinese factories. They ship directly from their warehouses across the country, which also house the US Service Centers. From design to sales to aftercare and support, Daiwa never outsources.