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Johnson Fitness and Wellness have been in the industry for years, and when they watched athletes using their equipment, they realized that the work doesn’t stop after the routine does. Johnson Wellness wanted to create an innovative massage chair that not only benefited athletes but anyone looking for the improved health a massage offers.

Massage can reduce back pain, encourages muscle growth and recovery, and even boosts your immunity. Johnson Wellness massage chairs address these aspects and many more. 

In fact, Johnson Wellness massage chairs are loaded with features such as Zero Gravity, Bluetooth, and 4D massage technology, and so much more. They all ensure you the ultimate relaxation experience from their chairs.

While developing their innovative massage chairs, Johnson Wellness wanted to focus on the outside as well as the mechanics. You'll see that these chairs feature sleek lines and highly durable materials, which creates a final look that lasts for years.

Refined engineering and design come together for a modern appeal that fits in any space. Your new Johnson Wellness chair will be a piece of tasteful, polished furniture you’ll be excited to show off.

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Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair

Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair