Kahuna HANI Massage Chair

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Kahuna HANI Massage Chair


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    Kahuna HANI Massage Chair

    The Kahuna Hani Massage Chair brings impressive relaxation in a convenient compact design. The chair is loaded with features that you wouldn't think you would be able to find on such a small design. 3D massage ensures that all you aches and pains will be eased away. Heat will clearly complement your massage and loosen your muscle to help make them more susceptible to the massage rollers. Find out more about this great chair below.


    3D L-Track Massage

    A 41.34 inch L-Track extends all the way down to your glutes, creating 33% more coverage than normal massage chairs. 3D Massage rollers enhance massage technology with realistic and high end rollers. A deep massage is available with the rollers pushed outwards that withdraw for a gentler massage. The maximum depth is expandable up to 3.2 inches and up to 13.4 inches in width. This allows the chair to massage your spine and vertebra deeply and effectively, enhancing the acupressure massage therapy.

    Comfort C-Curve Headrest

    A special design has be made according to curve line between your head and neck. The c-curve headrest offers superior comfort, and provides the proper ergonomic support while you are reading, watching TV, gaming and even internet surfing.

    High Density Foam

    High density rebound foam is used internally to cushion the entire chair. It provides the firmest support, while you are able to enjoy your massage.

    Pelvic Correction Massage

    The pelvic alignment position directly affects how your spine and legs move in everyday lifestyle. This function is specially designed to improve your pelvic alignment with air pressure massage. It helps stimulate blood circulation, body detoxification, strengthening muscle and maintaining body natural “S” shape.


    Built-in double layer air bags to provide a swinging massage on your buttocks to shape your hip line and relieve numbness of muscle.

    High Quality Structuring

    The core structure of the Hani Massage Chair is finished with
high-end solid steel, which 50% more durable than normal steel material.

    Heat Therapy

    Heat therapy is used in the lower back and it allows heat to penetrate the muscle tissues. Blood vessels will expand to promote blood circulation, allowing your muscles to relax.

    Modern Ergonomic Design

    Fashionable and modern color design with a luxurious leather blend.Designed with international materials like PU leather, that is wear-resistant and breathable. The massage chair is created with ergonomical style and outstanding streamline design.

    Advanced Space Saving Technology

    Most massage chairs require anywhere from 12-36" behind the chair to fully recline. This can take up quite a bit of space in your room. To fix this, the Hani has been outfitted with space saving technology. With this addition, the chair only requires 5"- 6" behind the chair to fully recline.

    Easy to Move

    The Hani Massage Chair is designed with a pair of convenience transportation wheels, that allow you to easily move your chair anywhere in the room.

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