Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

When the Tempur-Pedic mattresses were introduced 30 years ago, their proprietary TEMPUR® material changed the way the world sleeps. TEMPUR material is infinitely adaptable, responding to your body temperature, adapting to your weight and unique shape, giving you personalized support and alignment, for undisturbed sleep. The TEMPUR material also minimizes the pressure points that keep you awake, which means no more tossing and turning. Today, the innovation continues to ensure that every Tempur-Pedic bed delivers a great night's sleep.

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TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Collection

Delivering maximum pressure-relieving power and superior motion cancellation. All combined with a new material which intuitively adapts to your body shape.

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TEMPUR-Adapt Collection

These Tempur-Pedic beds feature two layers of premium TEMPUR® Technology that continually adapt to your body throughout the night to help you sleep better. 

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TEMPUR-Pro Adapt Collection

The most innovative Tempur-Pedic bed expertly engineered to give you deep relaxing sleep that rejuvenates your whole body.

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TEMPUR-Cloud Collection

TEMPUR-Cloud starts with soft comfort and includes the famous TEMPUR® bed support to give you the most comfortable sleep ever.

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TEMPUR-Contour Collection

The ultimate in the adaptive support and pressure relief of TEMPUR® material, with a firmer feel.

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TEMPUR-Flex Collection

These Tempur-Pedic beds feature the famous adaptive support and pressure relief of TEMPUR® material, with a slightly springy feel.

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TEMPUR-Pro Adapt

Advanced pressure-relief for deep relaxation


The most luxurious TEMPUR® experience


Innovative cooling features provide a cooler sleeping environment

Profile (Approximate)
11.5" to 13.5"
Cover-Top Textile
Cool- to- Touch Cover
Premium Loft W/ Super Stretch
SMARTCLIMATE® Dual Cover System
Removable, Washable Cover
Spot Clean Only
TEMPUR-Breeze® Cooling
Available Sizes
Twin Long (38" × 80")
Double (53" × 74")
Queen (60" × 80")
King (76" × 80")
Split King (38" × 80")
Use & Care Instructions
Do not wash
Spot Clean
Machine wash in cold water
Do not bleach
Tumble dry, Low
Air dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean